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what service plan are you guys on??

khalil Jan 29, 2009

  1. khalil

    khalil Member

    hi all its been i while since i posted,
    ok what sort of service plan are you guys on?
    my car as u might know is a 2.0tdi sport, its a 2004 year model, since i had its been on varible service, you know every 2 years or 20k miles which ever comes first, but now i am thinking that my car is just over 4 years old now and i think it would be wise to get it serviced every year than my current service plan, so i come up with this plan

    have it service on this first year (gold service)

    than the second year on this (bronze service)

    than back to the GOLD service and so on..........
    what you guys think, or shell i just stick to my variable service???

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