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What products do you use ?

ANNANBHOY Apr 26, 2007


    ANNANBHOY Livin' It Up !

    to wash your car and keep it nice and shiney ? i have a red one and want to keep it nice !
  2. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    I believe red needs care,because it's more susceptible to UV than other colours.
    That's what an ex-paint sprayer we have here says anyway.
    I use Meguire's shampoo to wash the car,then Collinite wax to keep it shiny.
    I occasionally use Meguire's crystal paint cleaner on the wife's car before waxing,coz it's a black car.
    I've never used the paint cleaner on my car.
    My car is a company car,so I fully admit I spend more time on the wife's.
  3. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    I use Megs Gold Class, have done for about 3 yrs. Found the NXT Wax didn't last as long as Gold Class. The GC shampoo is great stuff.

    Tempted to try the Collinite 476S bowfer recently mentioned - curious as to whether it will provide slightly better protection against poo.
  4. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    I can't comment on the Meguire's gold class,but Collinite kicks seven colours of sh!t out of the NXT wax.
    It's easier to put on,it's easier to wipe off black plastics if you go over them and it lasts for loads longer.
    I've 'upgraded' from Collinite 476 to 915 marque d'elegance recently.
    Something like 25% more carnabau wax than the 476.
    It was certainly harder work to buff off.
    Oh,I use a microfibre cloth to buff the car too.
    Completely eliminates that 'haze' you see on some polished cars.
  5. cliveywolves

    cliveywolves Member

    1st Jet wash car off with cold water..
    2nd Clean Off with Auto Glym Car Shampoo and Wash Mit
    3rd Jet wash off again cold water
    4th Clean alloys with sponge and Auto Glym Alloy Cleaner, Jet wash alloys
    5th Clean glass with Auto Glym Glass Cleaner

    So you can say i like Auto Glym its good enough for me and dosent cost the earth.... Oh colour of car is black...!
  6. jamiekip

    jamiekip Guest

    Careful - You can get carried away with his... trust me!

    Anyway, on my sprint blue I use:

    Poorboys super slick and suds
    Lambsool mit
    Microfibre mit
    2 buckets with grit guards
    Dry off with waffle weave towel
    Menzeran polish kit for any corrective work (not yet used on mine!) - applied with PC
    JEFFs Prime Acrylic - applied with PC
    JEFFs Acrylic trigger - applied with soft MF cloth - 2 layers over 2 days
    JEFFs Acrylic Gloss to maintain between full details

    Meg's NXT metal polish on the exhaust tips
    P21s total auto wash for the engine bay and inside wheel arches- not needed this on mine yet!
    303 aerospace protector for plastic parts in the engine bay and exterior

    Meg's NXT glass cleaner with a work towel and then a specific glass towel
    Zymol HD cleanse on the windscreen exterior with MF pad

    Menzerna wheel and tyre cleaner to clean properly before sealing
    JEFFs Acrylic Strong with MF pad
    Poorboys wheel seal - 3 layers with MF pad - brake dust just jet washes off for 3 months or so - it's great!
    Autoglym instant tyre dressing or Blackfire tyre gel applied with an applicator (blackfire lasts longer)

    JEFFs Satin Prot for all plastics and rubber seals
    Autoglym leather cleaner
    Autoglym leather cream
    303 Fabric protectant - for carpets and mats - stains don't get in to the fabric - lasts about a year!

    I'm actually quite scared reading that back!!!
    Anyway, if you have a serach under my user name you'll find a few threads with the results on!!!

    Hope this helps,

  7. oldlaw

    oldlaw Member

    So in summary, if I'm right and your car is red, I'd go with (a) SSR1 (b) Clearkote Red Moose Machine Glaze (c) and Clearkote Carnuba Moose Wax (leaving out the SSR1 if you don't have swirls or fine scratches). This is the answer I got from Rich at polished bliss regarding my car (red a3),forget about the ssr1 as this is for machine polishing. If you neeed any more tips check out www.detailingworld.co.uk
  8. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    Jesus,you win !
  9. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    Bowfer - any discernable difference between 476S and 915? My car is silver so not sure how much of a difference it would make? Guess I'm predominantly after max poo protection!

    Re people mentioning jetwashes, I personally wouldn't use one on the car. I've seen stories of them damaging paintwork particularly on bumpers and people warning that they tend to blast water where the sun don't shine , i.e. where it is not meant to go. Guess if you used it on fine spray you'd be ok, but don't get carried away - seen what one can do to my patio slabs!
  10. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    Gowd,I dunno mate.
    It went on the same.
    It does seem thicker.
    Harder to buff off,which could be some sort of proof of it protecting better.
    Shame high quality shine.
    If it lasts longer than 476,I'll be delighted.
    It's barely rained up here since I did it,so I can't tell really.
  11. jamiekip

    jamiekip Guest

    A bit scary eh! I really did scare myself writing that - I'm sure Rich at poilshedbliss is laughing away - he's done well out of this and had the patience of a saint with all my questions!

    Furtunately that is not a regular thing - once you've done all that work, keeping on top of it every other week is a doddle - very quick rinse at the jet wash - quick wash with shampoo and dry off with the JEFFs gloss and it looks brand new again!
    The wheel seal is a god send - it really does let you simply rinse brake dust off!!!

    Sadly, I find the big sessions quite nice - a chance to switch off from everything work related!!

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