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What parts are required?

wilko May 29, 2006

  1. wilko

    wilko Top Gear

    Thinking of replacing my Concert II and 6 CD Changer for something a little more up to date.... iPod connection, bluetooth, etc... What cables, face plates, etc would I need to buy to do this properly?

    I have the standard Bose setup in my 3 door A3.

    Also can anyone recomend any good stereos which dont look out of place in an Audi (i.e. Red or Amber buttons)? Are there any websites which youd recomend for good service and parts?
  2. low610

    low610 Member

    Hi Wilko,

    www.bluespot.co.uk - good for audi radio parts.

    I've just replaced my Bose with the Blaupunk woodstock head unit.

    It is an MP3 player with DAB radio and can have bluetooth added also.

    I didn't need to purchase a wiring harness either because the head unit plugged directly in the cars wiring loom.

    Also has the option to change the colours.

    It's a nice head unit, just depends on what you want to spend. I think alot of the Blaupunkt head units bend in well with the Audi interior.

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