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What parts are changed : S4 B7 variable service 2 @ 38k

pdt Jan 11, 2010

  1. pdt

    pdt New Member

    Hi guys

    taking the s4 into the stealers for a 38k variable 2 service.
    I have aleady arranged to get oil and oil filter, but wondered what else I could supply to save paying inflated margins?

    Anyone know what else gets changed? Do they do plugs etc? Other filters? Mainly after big ticket items! (saved £65 by supplying my own oil - bought from the parts team of the same dealer!)

    Any insight appreciated!

  2. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    Hi mate, im currently arranging my 50k service on my 3.0 V6 TDi.

    How much oil does your S4 take and what did audi charge you for the oil?

    How much was it when you bought it yourself and what oil do they use, do they use a brand name like castrol or just audi branded stuff?

    Are you providing our own oil filter aswell or just the oil?
  3. pdt

    pdt New Member

    Hi Dazmo

    Yep - did it all today.
    My S4 takes 9 litres of oil!!

    The dealer wanted £136 for the oil. I bought it myself for about £80. I also bought the oil filter and pollen filter and did the same thing!

    worked a treat... saved quite a bit for essentially exactly the same thing! (and I got an extra 1 litre of oil left over too!!)

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