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what oil and plugs

kevlibstt Nov 27, 2013

  1. kevlibstt

    kevlibstt Member

    hi all ,i will be giving my a3 1.8t 2002 a service in the next couple of weeks ,i recently purchased it from a friend for 800 and its got fsh, so i would think standard plugs and oil would have been used .i will be fitting a s/s dp decat and exhaust fmic and a remap .so what oil and plugs would you recommend thanks kev
  2. CazzaVR

    CazzaVR Member

    5w40 Platinum oil and NGK plugs PFR6Q stds. Euro are doing an oil deal at the mo- I've just bought 10 litres of 5W 40 fully synth Triple QX (Shell) oil + 2x Bosch filters for £30 delivered!
  3. LynxE

    LynxE Member

    I was reading on here about some of those copper plugs. Supposed to be better but not last as long. Also I'm sure I read that you have to adjust the gap to different stage remaps?

    I was hoping someone would reply with that info

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