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What next?

Lowride Dec 18, 2003

  1. Lowride

    Lowride Member

    I was meant to be buying a set of FK Koni coilovers until I was informed that one of the bolts on my front suspension had seized

    My mate was going to be taking my standard suspension off and then putting the Koni`s on, he said that the bolt on the passenger side would almost certainly be seized as well

    I took my car (A4) to my local garage, they had a look and said that they could undo the bolt but it would mean heating it up and this inturn would mean that the bushes would get ruined and need replacing

    The bolt in question in about 3 inches long and joins the two top arms together, it has bushes on each end and a further two on the top where the arms join, at least thats what I was told, I`m not a mechanic

    I need to lower the car. My mate said that even if I just had lowering springs put on the seized bolt would be a problem, my garage say it wouldn't ??

    A new bush set is around £150 from German & Swedish although my mate can get a set from Listers for £100. Does anybody have a spare bush set etc. Is it worth going to a scrapyard and hunting for an A4?

    I`m at a bit of a loss now, it will be lowered one way or another in the new yr as i`ve recently bought some rims, theres no way i`m having a standard ride height, any help, suggestions welcome..


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