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What next after modded TDI?

drewwa Dec 18, 2007

  1. drewwa

    drewwa New Member

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma and need some opinions...

    I have a 2000-W B5 Audi A4 TDI 115 SE, it's been treated to a remap, milltek exhaust, h+r springs and koni dampers and is kicking out about 160bhp/260lbft, fk angel eye headlamps, de-badged, 17" New S4 replicas, RS4 front grille and S-line badges.

    It's just hit 140k miles, I bought it at 60k.

    Here's a Pic (this was when it was running on 18" - I got tired of the ride quality so went back to 17"s)


    The Good: Has been totally reliable overall, 50mpg, 600 miles on a tank, quite quick, everyone who sees it says 'Nice S4' (engine off),

    The Bad : Niggly things breaking, DIS went south, window motors dying, wiper motors/linkage need doing, corrosion on aluminium trim, a few squeaks and rattles, bonnet stone chipped to death, not 4WD, not really quick enough, beginning to feel 'old'.

    I've decided I prefer something with a V6, RWD or 4WD, 0-60 in the low 7s or better, reasonable fuel economy. Coupe ideal, diesel ok.

    Got between £12k-£17k available. Got to be good on the motorway, but a bit of fun on the twisties. Needless to say Audi preferred, VAG as a minimum. Tempted by BMW 330 but just hate the whole image thing with the beemer.

    I've ruled out anything fun and classic (eg. Corrado VR6) because air-con is a must have.

    Thought about:

    1. Audi S4/B5 - Ticks all boxes except fuel economy and insurance. I do 25k+ miles a year and I like the TDI range. S4 Ruinous on fuel.
    2. Audi A4/B5 1.8T Quattro - Not a bad place to start, but long in the tooth, can I find a good one?
    3. Audi A4/B5 2.5 TDI - Starts with 150bhp out of the box, how tunable is it, could I find a Quattro? Still rather old and I've got to mod all over again. Does it handle with a big lump at the front?
    4. Audi A5 3.0 TDI - Too new so too expensive - Wait?
    5. Audi TT TDI - Not yet available - Wait?
    6. B6/B7 A4 TDI - Too Dull, too big, too slow. Might consider B6 180 TDI Quattro with Bose and S-Line (hen's teeth)
    7. A3 - No hatchbacks please
    8. Old shape Audi TT 180/225 - Styling doesn't really do it for me.
    9. Audi Cabriolet 2.5 TDI - Do I really want a Cabrio? Bit girlie.
    10. VW EOS - Only 140 for the TDI, not enough.
    11. Golf V GTI - FWD, I'm getting a bit old for that image. I like discreet.
    12. Further mods and fix-her-up on current car. Not 4WD, bit bored with it if truth be told. What else can you do with a 1.9 TDI? TCS light already comes on to often, especially in the wet.

    In fantasy land I'd have a Sport Coupe version of the B5 A4, 3.0 TDI, Quattro with around 220-240bhp and a decent stereo and working DIS.

    What would you do?


  2. auroan

    auroan Active Member

    with £12k-£17k to play with you could have any B5 A4 in england. Your almost capable of get an RS4 with 17K.

    I'd go for a 3.0 B6 A4 Quatty to be honest.
  3. drewwa

    drewwa New Member

    Thanks for that, I think that's probably the most pragmatic choice, it's just the styling of the B6 looks so drab to my eyes when compared to the B5. :-( Looks better with S-line.

    Had a look on autotrader and there is 1 (just 1) B6 quattro 180 with s-line and bose - could be a long search!

    Why, oh why wasn't there a B5 Coupe!


  4. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    What about a passat W8. They are great value for money second hand.
  5. sitrials

    sitrials Member

    B5 RS4
  6. Audimandan

    Audimandan A4 1.8T 1998 (S) 70K Silver, standard for now...

    Id have to go with the rs4, but considering your milage, this could be harsh on the wallet, dual fuel conversion? get rid of the wife?:gun2:
  7. s4mark

    s4mark Member

    you could buy my B5 S4 :icon_thumright: would do me a favour as I will not be able to run it as I will be commuting 100 miles per day to and from work. please lol
  8. docurley

    docurley Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Have you thought about buying two cars one for fun and one to run around in that way when you want to put a smile on your face you take the quick car when you just want to get to work on the cheap you take the cheap car.:eyebrows:
  9. Audimandan

    Audimandan A4 1.8T 1998 (S) 70K Silver, standard for now...

    Hit the nail on the head there mate:icon_thumright:

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