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what must have mods TFSI Q S line ?

wide Oct 13, 2008

  1. wide

    wide New Member

    im thinking of buying a 06 a3 t fsi quattro s line & was wandering if there are some must have engine mods & if there were any problems that i should be aware of?
    thanks for any help. matt
  2. wide

    wide New Member

    when i get it the things im thinking of doing are, getting it chipped, so whats the best chip or remap for me? induction kit again whats best, zourst i can see is miltek. what else do people think is advisable to do? are dump valves worth uprating, but not the chavy ones that hisss loudly???
    again thanks for any help. matt
  3. VRStu

    VRStu Just Looking VCDS Map User

    It's a slippery slope I can tell you.

    I personally favour the REVO software for TFSi but as ever it's a personal choice.

    With that you'll probably want to consider an uprated DV, the most ideal solution is to relocate it to the front as in the Cupra/S3 etc however Forge make a product which also works.

    Then you'll probably be wanting a fuel pump, decent air intake and the list goes on....

    I like the EVOMS intake but they are very hard to source at the moment.

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