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What mileage does my cambelt need changing at?

john71482 Aug 1, 2013

  1. john71482

    john71482 Active Member

    I have a A3 TDI 2.0 what mileage do people think the cambelt needs replacing at, and is it better to get the cambelt replaced before adding mods?
  2. DarkBunny

    DarkBunny Active Member Team Sprint Audi S3

    Mine was done on £37k (or 5 years). The mileage was low for change, but I believe it was done on the time
  3. Sevv

    Sevv Pushing the limits..

    personally i had a cambelt fail on me 9k miles after change by audi (and currently in the progress of changing it at the worshop).. so if i were you id check it regularly like oil... **** easy to bolts to visually inspect it mate... as for change i would personally change it every 50-60,000kms ... dont not go by Audi's recommended 90,000km if not mistaken you loose your engine before you know it
  4. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    Rule of thumb 5yrs or 70k miles which ever is sooner.
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  5. OVRA3

    OVRA3 Well-Known Member

    Get the water pump done for the little extra mine has just had its second cambelt in less than 20k because the waterpump failed.. Little plastic impellers break and it chews itself.
  6. danb986

    danb986 In awe of VCDS Team Daytona

    It should say in the handbook, as there are different times for different 2.0TDI engines (PD and CR).

    There's been a lot of discussion on this in previous threads, but if you stick to the 70,000 miles or 5 years rule then you'll be fine.

    My handbook says 133,000 miles (215,000 km) for the 2.0 TDI common rail engine. I checked with Audi and they said 70,000 miles. When I questioned them about the fact that the book says one thing and they say another, they went off and contacted Audi. They came back and said yes, 133,000 miles is actually correct, they just use 70,000 miles for all models across the board. Obviously this will mean that some will be changed earlier than they need to, but they use the better safe than sorry method. Clearly money for the dealer has nothing to do with this. :no:

    As it was, my water pump developed a leak at 71,000 miles so I ended up getting the belt changed then anyway.
    You'll probably find the belt is good for 133,000 miles, but the water pump isn't.
  7. john71482

    john71482 Active Member

    Cheers mine on 75,000 miles so need it doing!! What are prices like?
  8. danb986

    danb986 In awe of VCDS Team Daytona

    They're fixed prices for cars over 3 years old. It's £439 for a timing belt change, but you'd need to add the cost of the water pump to that as they don't mention it on the website.
  9. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    Did mine at 60k. Audi said they tested the water pump and it was fine.
    I did the 120k change myself and the water pump... it took me about 6 hours.
    Agree with MrLapou
    At this point I had decided not to keep any service history as I intend to keep it until it dies or perhaps resurrect it.

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