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What kind of diffs does the S3 have ?

Scoobaru Apr 7, 2011

  1. Scoobaru

    Scoobaru New Member

    Obviously the centre diff is a haldex type, but what type are the front and rear diffs - viscous coupling, open, Torsen, multi-plate cltuch ? I called the local Audi dealer and they never called me back, searching on here didn't find any info either.

    The reason I ask is I currently have an Impreza WRX (probably getting an S3 soon) which has VC centre and rears, but an open front diff. Occasionally the inner front wheel spins up out of 2nd gear corners instead of putting the power down cleanly which would be better. The 2007 Impreza STI that I test drove had a Torsen front diff which was noticably better. If the S3 has an open front diff then I might get a Quaife ATB instead, if available.
  2. LWNY

    LWNY Member

    open diff with Electronic Differential Lock, which is part of ESP. Not sure if you can turn off ESP and keep EDL on.

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