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What is Tyre Labelling?

rezulteo Jul 31, 2012

  1. rezulteo

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    What is tyre labelling? Have your say!

    People have been talking about it a lot over the past few months; and now the first labels are starting to appear… there's no doubt about it, the new tyre labelling law is fast approaching before it's arrival in November. This new law emanates from the European Commission, and will therefore apply to all member states.

    Tyre labelling is quite easy to understand, and is presented is the same way as the labels on electrical goods. When it comes to tyres, there will be 3 criteria:

    The contribution towards fuel economy


    This will be rated from A to F. The letter A will be accompanied by the colour green to signify a good rating, whereas the letter F will be accompanied by the colour red, to show a low rating.

    Wet braking


    Will be rated from A to F, with the same colour system as fuel economy.

    The noise level


    The noise level will not be rated using letters, however, the noise in decibels and a volume pictogram will be used. The pictogram will be accompanied by waves, that show how noisy the tyre is. One wave will show that the tyre is quiet, and emits less than 69dB of sound.

    Remember that the sound level is measured outside
    The Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue will be the first AA tyre on the market. Here's what the label will look like on tyres starting from November:


    Remember: We can see that each label corresponds to a tyre in a certain dimension, written at the top of the label.

    According to the ETRMA, the European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers' Association, "labelling will increase the interest in tyres and encourage consumers and fleet owners to take into account tyre performance at the time of purchase. "The ETRMA also believes that these new regulations should "encourage manufacturers to improve their products in a highly competitive way and allow those who will make this effort to better differentiate themselves."

    Do you think that tyre labelling is a reliable piece of information for choosing tyres? How important is tyre labelling in your decision towards buying new tyres?

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  2. Ste_Nova

    Ste_Nova Active Member

    i'd like to see how long they last, eg "in controlled testing the tyre lasted 15k miles"
  3. A4_MaJiK

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