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what is this valve A4 b7 2.0 tdi 140 bhp

chainbridge Feb 4, 2014

  1. chainbridge

    chainbridge New Member

    The valve in question is situated left hand side of the engine next to the air filter body, there are exhaust gasses leaking from it.
    Some years ago I had to refit the alan bolts as they had fallen out and dropped onto the engine mounting, I now have noticed a small leakage from the valve and I will have to fit a new gasket so I would like the tech name of this valve to order the correct gasket.
    Would be grateful if somebody could reply.
  2. lynall

    lynall New Member

    I would hazard a guess its the egr valve, have a look on ebay
  3. csm

    csm Member

    I have noticed my 170 tdi is the same, black exhaust soot leaking, the bolts are upside down and torx i think by feeling the other week

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