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What is the story on engine swaps on S3/A3?

silverstealth Feb 23, 2008

  1. silverstealth

    silverstealth Member

    I'm looking at possible upgrades for a circa 2002 S3 and wanted to know if it was possible to fit the 2.7 bi-turbo?

    Alternatively, what is the best route for upgrading the 1.8T 20V? I want to keep day to day driveability, but love my occasional track days and am used to 350+ bhp on tap. :)
  2. Jampublic

    Jampublic Taking it easy..

    Well this is the welcome section!

    So welcome!! :)

    There are way's to go about getting 350bhp out of an S3! (ask Ed Harris), maybe 250bhp from an A3!(ask Dave or Prawn) As for a 2.7 bi-turbo from an RS4 in an A3/S3, no idea! :sorry: Have you seen a 1.8T and a 2.7TT side by side? massive difference!!

    Good luck, good idea! :)

  3. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    Hi and welcome. Have a look at the 8L A3/S3 sub-forum for more info and various people's attempts at getting 350bhp from a 1.8T. As J said, Ed (yellow S3 and now for sale) was one of the most recent.

    In terms of 2.7 biturbo in an S3 - it has been done - Kim Collins at QST built one about 4 years ago. I was lucky to have a ride in it just before it was all finished, and it was extremely fast.

    You are looking at mega bucks, however, as A3 has a transverse engine and the RS4 had a longitudinal engine. So you have to replace all the running gear with that from a donor RS4. Hence the Kim Collins one was basically an S3 body placed over a shortened RS4 chassis. Interesting to do if you have the know how, but I can't see much change out of £20k if you were paying someone to do it.

    I also seem to think that someone put one in a TT as well.
  4. Issac Hunt

    Issac Hunt Active Member VCDS Map User

    I bet the 2.7TT would be a very tight fit to say the least! You'd also need to do an enormous amount of fabrication to the bulkhead and subframes and drive train to fit it. The bill would be huge!

    It would be cheaper just buy a B5 RS4 or go for the BT upgrade on your current 1.8T.

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