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What is the N75 mod ?? (Quick reply if pos)

Bradderz_1988 Jul 9, 2011

  1. Bradderz_1988

    Bradderz_1988 Dont replace it, Upgrade it !!

    Has any one done this mod where you turn the screw on the top and if so would you recommend it or is it going to kill something ??

    I'm tempted to do this as I've got a brand new one which I don't think I'll have any problem shifting the screw on top.

    And what does it do does it kick the boost in quicker? Harder? Hold peak boost longer?

  2. mike-a

    mike-a Member

  3. Oranoco

    Oranoco Well-Known Member

    Done it on mine, do it to a spare as I can see how easy it would be to damage the valve as turning the screw is F**king hard. Only managed a ¼ turn on mine but it did make the boost a bit more aggressive in delivery and it did seem to hold the boost better at the upper end of the rev range. For a free tweek I can't complain

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