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What is that slight knocking noise!?

Prince Ace Oct 10, 2006

  1. Prince Ace

    Prince Ace Prince Ace

    I've had the car over a month now and have done around 1K mileage. It has developed a slight knock noise which can only be heard from the passenger wheel area when I turn the steering wheel full right lock and reverse ever so slowly backwards or move forwards, literally at crawl pace. Otherwise no noise to be heard.

    Mechanically the car sounds beautiful, I've had it on my mates ramp to check underneath quickly and I can see a brand new suspension change (now I'm not sure what these things are called - like a wishbone shape) on the passenger wheel side (which is probably not a bad thing as it means one less thing for me to potentially ever change), I can see nothing else wrong with it.

    It sounds perfect, handles beautifully, drives like an arrow in a straight line, turns at normal speeds perfectly. So I'm not sure what that slight knock knock noise at full right steering lock is (at slow speeds). Any ideas anyone?
  2. A3-frankie

    A3-frankie Member

    it could possibly be a track rod end. jack it up, then see if there is any play in the wheel turning left to right andthe track rod end moving. obviously be gentle with it cos if you push it hard enough both wheels will turn. a little like how you'd check for wheel bearings being gone.

    maybe havent explained mysself very well but im sure u can work it out.:salute:
  3. bbigman2000

    bbigman2000 Mugello Blue RS6 Saloon 03

    Track rod end 99% sure.
  4. sorry to revive an old thread but this is exactly what mine is doing, although mine is an 2004 S4, I thought it was ARB links etc, as i had been told that these were prone to knocking.

    However this is just identical to what my car is doing?

    There doesnt seem to be any play in the TRE though. bit of a strange one

    can anyone shed any light on this


  5. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    I would say its the CV joint. When mine went they made a knocking noise at full lock a bit like a bolt rolling about inside a tupperware box

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