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what is our road tax going on?

karl210 Jan 22, 2013

  1. karl210

    karl210 Member

    ive been driving with an egg in my tyre for a little while, stupidly put it off for a while because it still had 6mm of tread on it. I ended up getting a new one put on and 6 weeks later hit a pot hole which caused another egg in my new tyre on the same wheel! fastforward another 6 weeks to today and ive hit another pot hole and this is the result. It must sound like i go out pot hole hunting haha, thought id share the damage anyway. Oh and in the same journer at least 2 of my coilpacks went so ended up replacing all of them, bloody expensive day! But worse still ive got to drive to work and back on that bloody space saver untill i can find a replacement alloy.
  2. Den13

    Den13 Member

    Ffs its a joke like, not just pot holes the uk in general
  3. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Duuuuuuuude, bad luck indeed, but I can't help feeling you could perhaps be a bit more careful? Sounds like 3 potholes hit in a short space of time?

    Observe the road, drive around them, you may well get pulled for drink driving (I've been pulled for swerving around for no apparent reason - explained, all was fine), but that's got to be better than smashing rims.

    Much like people smashing sumps all the time, I think there is an element of user error at play, although I must admit the road network is in a dire state.
  4. AVLO

    AVLO Active Member

    These roads must be some of the worst in europe as far as lack of maintenance goes for the amount of £££££ they recieve off us all. End of last year my parents went out and hit a really bad pot hole (it was pitch black so couldnt see it as they approached it) and as a result of hitting it they bent both n/s alloys so had to get recovered home on a flat bed:-(
  5. Filth

    Filth Member

    If you get photograph evidence of the pothole and report it too council with damage caused aren't they liable to stump up some of the cost?
  6. epox

    epox Active Member

    you have to prove the council new the pot hole was there and din not repair it within a reasonable time!!!.

    the usualy just tell uthe road was inspected a few days before to get out of the claim.
  7. Av4nt

    Av4nt Well-Known Member Team V10 Team Sprint Audi S6 quattro saloon s tronic

    oh i did these three weeks ago. MASSIVE rim ding and blowout. roads in the uk are a complete shambles :(
  8. karl210

    karl210 Member

    through the day i do avoid them, i dont care how drunk i look but at night on unfamiliar roads when im too busy going off the satnav and whats going on around me its easier said than done sometimes.
    Yeah i dont think its as easy as that, im going to fully look into it and give it a go though, if it was just a tyre i would just think bad luck but thats 2 tyres and a wheel in total now its a joke and there only going to get worse this winter
  9. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    For reference road tax was abolished 76 years ago !!
  10. Luke2.0tdi2010

    Luke2.0tdi2010 Active Member

    Just for your reference, my neighbour completely ruined his alloy on range rover a few weeks ago, he put a claim in to council (with pictures of pot hole) and is now just waiting for their cheque to clear in his bank, they paid out straight away no arguments or disputing it!
    Not saying all councils would be the same but Hillingdon council doesn't seem to have any problems paying out for their negligence of road maintenance. And so they shouldn't!!
  11. [Dave B]

    [Dave B] Daddy

    Bad news mate! Are they OE rims or reps?
  12. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

  13. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    This snow has created a few craters in the roads on my way to work unfortunately. Luckily, my Rav4 just takes it all.
  14. .Ben.

    .Ben. Member

    I'm sure this is obvious, but for those that don't know: Taxes don't pay for anything directly, they just add to the national pot of monies available to the government.

    Interesting reading: I Pay Road Tax
  15. Paul_TDi

    Paul_TDi Active Member

    My mum knackered a steelie from a pot hole and only wanted about 20 quid from the local council ( Tendring District) but they fought with her not to pay out, the admin fees for all the letters probably cost them more than the cost of her rim.
  16. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    I had to replace my rear tyres 3 weeks ago due to a golf ball sized bulge in the tyre wall caused by a pothole.

    There a pot hole that I keep hitting on my way to work as its on a crappy pitch black road. I forget about it every morning till *BUMP* I've hit it and swearing at the Cnut!
  17. karl210

    karl210 Member

    There just replicas Dave but its more the hassle of finding a single alloy for a decent price with the right pcd and offset. You dont need anything off a 205gti by any chance do you? my mate is scrapping one tommorow.
    Ive read the success rate with claiming is quite low but its worth a shot. Infact whats to stop me going taking pictures of potholes in different areas and sending them to their council and trying to claim off them untill its finally successful? I know ive either done this in Oldham or Stockport.
  18. A3 T

    A3 T Lord Of The Rings


    Wouldn't go that far :no:

  19. RobinJI

    RobinJI Active Member

    The idea of a Range Rover being taken out by a pot-hole made me giggle. Sorry, can't stand Chelsea tractors. (I'm glad to hear the local council are paying up all the same though.)

    Being back in the Scirocco a little while's got me back into the pot-hole dodging mindset, instead of bending them on potholes I seem to just buy my wheels pre-bent nowadays, damn I hate e-bay and the general lack of honesty in society :(
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2013
  20. Den13

    Den13 Member

    so you are happy with the way the uk is???
    Messed up economy,loads of illegal imergrants, stupid laws for crime ie take a life with a knife and you out the jail within 5 years in some cases, gangs of stupid idiot youths formed prity much because they can get away with anything and the minute you stand up to them they all gang up on you and attempt to kill you,
    yet they are being aloud todo so because the stupid soft pathetic laws this country has where the police are more interested in targeting the moterest instead of real crime...
  21. [Dave B]

    [Dave B] Daddy

    I see what you mean about finding the replacements, but the rate you're going through them I'd suggest you buy a set of four ;-)

    Re: the 205, why's he scrapping it? If he's local then I might take it of his hands....whats the colour/year/spec?
  22. Sam_

    Sam_ Down under

    You want to try Sydney roads. Most are like a medieval driveway for horse n cart!

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