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What happens with Protected no claims discount

andy110m Aug 10, 2010

  1. andy110m

    andy110m Member

    Hi All,

    I'm after some advise relating to my protected no claims discount.

    My Wife and I have a 2000 S4, both over 30 and driving for 13 years each, she has a SP30 and 7 years no claims. We paid £600 for insurance last year but sadly has an accident last September which wasn't a driver error but a mechanical fault, tyre blow-out on a caravan we'd borrowed. The car was ok but the caravan, which was insured on a different policy was a write off. The police agreed we could have done nothing about the accident and did well to get the thing to a stop on the hard shoulder causing no other incidents or damage to anything else.

    I have now got the renewal for this year and its daft money, kwik fit insurance are blaming the accident for it but we have a PNCB so what did we pay the extra for?

    We are going to have a ring round this weekend but whats the state of our no claims now?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    We'll try SKY and report back on here how they compare after the weekend.

  2. SneakaFreaka83

    SneakaFreaka83 ASN is hazardous 2 your wallet

    In my experience mate the protected no claims bonus basically allows you to keep your bonus minus a year.. so say you had a NCD of 7 years and had an accident your new paperwork would state 6 years NCD and 1 claim. I could be wrong but this is what happened with me and I assume if you had no protected bonus that IF you had a accident that you would start back at 0. I hope this helps but sure others will have more information to add. Just for info I am with Swift.... and get a pretty good rate may be worth checking mate.

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