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What happens when you put an Audi 2.0 TSFi into a Lotus Elise??

Discussion in 'Project Cars' started by Autograph Cars, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Autograph Cars

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    Sep 23, 2011
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    Well, here's the answer:

    Here are some Elise S1 test times with Stage 2+ Autograph Engine software – 340PS/600NM
    3rd 30-90 = 4.8
    4th 30-100 = 5.1
    4th 40-100mph: 4.8
    5th 30-100= 9.9
    6th 50-120 = 6.9

    The power and torque delivery is so progressive and tractable that it really suits the Lotus chassis. The weight increase on our conversions is less than 100kg so power to weight ratio is increased significantly and the balance of the car is kept very similar to how Lotus designed it.

    The Base Conversion:
    VAG AXX/BWA 200PS 2.0TFSi Engine
    Golf MK5 GTi 6spd gearbox
    Air-Water chargecooler system
    3” Stainless exhaust system with decat
    Autograph custom driveshafts
    Autograph custom engine mounts
    VAG ME9 engine management with OBD port
    OEM clutch and dual mass flywheel
    Exige S gearshift and cable assembly
    Golf GTi electronic accelerator pedal
    Autograph Stage 2 custom ECU software (270PS / 380NM)

    Also available for the EXIGE!

    Carried out by true engineers with motorsport and conversion pedigree. Only high quality components used, specialist CNC machined bespoke parts, software written, developed and tested IN HOUSE. The Autograph conversion retains the full boot space ad you get lots of silicone hoses in a variety of pretty colours!

    Option to Base Conversions:
    * Upgrade to BHZ/CDL 265PS 2.0TFSi Engine
    * With Stage 2: Tuned to 320PS / 450NM
    * With Stage 2+: Tuned to 340PS / 500NM
    * With Stage 3: Tuned to 370PS / 550NM
    * Vibratechnics motorsport engine mounts
    * Autograph motorsport driveshafts
    * AIM Digital dashboard with CAN data link
    * Sachs motorsport billet flywheel / organic clutch
    * 6 speed DSG gearbox conversion (Exige S2 only)
    * DSG clutch and software upgrade (up to 600NM)

    This conversion package is proving to be our most popular at the moment, a few on the road, two in progress and another two in the queue!

    Check out our other tuning packages on our website - Car Modifications | Remapping | Engine Tuning | Suspension Upgrades | In Car Electronics

    Stop by and 'Like' our Facebook page too Autograph Cars | Facebook , you'll find more images of one of the coversions there.
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  3. A3SBQ

    A3SBQ A3 SportBack 2TFSI quattro DSG

    Jul 22, 2009
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    I really like this.
    Any picture or videos?

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