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What Gearbox? How to identify Gearbox?

Dave_Bayern Jun 19, 2007

  1. Dave_Bayern

    Dave_Bayern Slipping at 3.5Krpm

    I need to get myself sorted out with a new clutch, so I need to know which gearbox I have.

    Elsa says I have a DBZ, which means nothing to me, as I'm used to dealing in 02a and 02j etc etc.

    ElsaWin seems to suggest I have an 02JF, which I've never heard of before!!

    I have a 1997 Audi A3 with the 5 speed box.

    I want to replace my existing clutch with the VR6 clutch and a G60 single mass flywheel, can anyone tell me if this is going to work, and if the G60 flywheel works on this box?
  2. Stewart

    Stewart Member

    I would say you have the 02J box, same as the MkIV GTi (5 speed). The six speed is 02M I believe.
    For the purposes of acquiring parts, 02J is all you should need.

    Yes it does work, you will get a rattling noise on tickover that will disappear when you depress the clutch.
  3. Dave_Bayern

    Dave_Bayern Slipping at 3.5Krpm

    Cool, well I now have an ABF flywheel, which is the same P/N as the G60 flywheel, so I'll get it lightened and the bits ordered, I have since done some googling and found the 02J reference so hopefully my lightening and balancing man should be able to sort it.

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