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What ever next!

cotteyboy Jul 20, 2009

  1. cotteyboy

    cotteyboy New Member

    Im new on here so i hope this is okay for my first post,

    Just got i from taking my 1.9tdi sport to the garage today as iv had a shaking coming through the seats (i suspect to be the flywheel), being under warranty still i thought best get it sorted properly so i took it to a nice big garage the type you suspect to do things well,
    now the guy explained to me that he would be able to tell yes or no if it was the flywheel thats was causing the shake and rattle when it was cold,

    come to pick it up 'yes sir there seems to be nothing the matter with your car the shaking is just the way it is (he explained diesels are generally like this:wtf:) there could well be something wrong with the flywheel and it kinda feels like it but for me to really tell it needs to be knocking, one thing that did come up whilst running diagnostics is the Engine coolant temp sensor; open/short circuit to positive'

    So all positive stuff then, happy days!

    so after all that im now left p***ed off and with two faults instead of one,

    are all garages like this so dull witted.

    Any advise on the temp sensor would be much appreciated,

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