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what engine & gearbox to use?

stulad Nov 26, 2006

  1. stulad

    stulad New Member

    Hi all
    i was originally going chevy with my Minotaur kit car but lack of work has seen my engine fund disapear.
    with very good advice from a couple of very good friends i am thinking audi now, A8 4.2
    has been recommended for my mid engine car ,(and apparently if i can find a 2 wheel drive manuel then i should be able to drop it straight in), but is this the best option as i would be ok with a 3 litre . bearing in mind fuel prices and availablity.
    as far as all the electrics involved with a new engine im way out of my depth but apparently that shouldnt cause too much of a problem.
    does any one have any thoughts , any ideas or spec also
    were and how is the best place to purchace a good one?
    many thanks stu
  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    What Mk Model do you have?

    Have you spoken to the guys at Minotaur regarding Audi Engine ?

    the 2.8 V6 seems the closest to your 3litre mark but you will only get 180BHP rather than the 350 from the chevy(Body weight only been 1000K will still be fast) running set up from a coupe or a 100 with 2.8 non Quattro(donor car) should work just need to look at lengths and mount positions

    Nice looking car very close to Maclaren

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