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What do you recommend

TrickyLad Jun 22, 2011

  1. TrickyLad

    TrickyLad is loving his new A3

    Hi, been a while since i been on here.

    Got my first a3 back in 2008, and a few weeks later the facelift model was released. I was miffed by this poor timing on my part. something i want to avoind this time round.

    I reckon i will be going for a3 3 door. Not fussed about the engine but I do want a good spec level.
    I can walk to work so the car only gets used at a weekend, so fuel consumption isnt a massive issue.

    I would sacrifice a bigger engine for better spec.

    I have about £6k deposit and i dont really want to spend more than £240pcm on a pcp deal.

    What do you think I should go for. Also, is £240pcm not much anymore and is there a facelift for the a3 coming soon (i dont want to buy a new car and then a newer looking one follows a week later. Although it did amuse my friends).

    Cheers in advance

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