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What do i need to look for when buying a RS6!

Gareth Hill May 17, 2007

  1. Gareth Hill

    Gareth Hill New Member

    Hi guys,

    Considering a RS6 Saloon (No estates to big) one of the early ones around the 23-26k mark, thats all i can spend :bye:

    After saying that above re no estates ive been thinking of a mk1 RS4 avante aswell. Can these two cars be compared at all ?

    Is there anything i need to worried about and also anything i need to make sure has been done under warranty etc.

    Will be modding the engine and mechanics also within the year so a list of mods per pound would be great also.

    Any performance times for, 0-60/0-100 and top speed unlimited.

    Oh and any saloon photos great [​IMG]

    Regards Gareth
  2. RSVI

    RSVI Member

    Sorry to A.S but go to RS246 and they have a lot more info on the RS6.

    Do a few searches.

    Make sure you have a warranty, if not an Audi one make sure it's the same.

    If i didn't have one i would be spending in he region of 10k his month 2.5k of this are pads and discs.

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