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what do i do now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

matty18T Nov 5, 2011

  1. matty18T

    matty18T Member

    after buying my mates a4 1.8T sport p reg and he and the aa man said it was seized up i thought new engine job,the battery had gone flat and it has stood for about 3 weeks now since my mate said it seized, so i have charged the battery and put it back on today i jumped in and thought i will just try and turn it over and to my surprise it did... it never started but turned over and sounded healthy took the oil cap off and i could see pressure coming out the top like u would. everything seemed to work and there was no horrible noises. i have spoke to my mate but not told him that its turning over lol and he said before i picked it up he tried to drain some fuel off from the pump osr but couldn't get any off so connected it back on.when i turn it over it sounds like no fuels getting to it.BUT what do i do now ?? can a scanner tell if everything working ok???what do u guys think?
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  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Vagcom scan would be my first port of call.

    Could be the crank sensor, or the fuel pump or the fuel pump relay

    Assuming its turning over happily with compression that is.

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