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What color combines best with chestnut brown seats?

miketrix Mar 3, 2013

  1. miketrix

    miketrix Member

    I've ordered a A3 Sportback, and something that I knew by sure is that I want the chestnut brown seats (seen in photos only). I think it looks really good and will add personality (almost everybody has black). I ordered it with white amalfi, but I also do like monsoon grey. Do you think I've chosen well with white amalfi + chestnut brown or do you suggest another combo? I'm aware that glaciar white is more popular than white amalfi, i do like glaciar white, but i think white amalfi suits better for these seats. I also like daytona grey very much but my budget can't afford paying it.
  2. PjDali

    PjDali Member

    Silver might sit well against the chestnut brown but for me white gives you the best contrast.

    Must admit the A3 brochure didn't do a lot for me with the chestnut (almost burgundy tone) interior but looking forward to some pics anyways :)
  3. noidea

    noidea Member

    Dakota grey has a brownish tinge which I think would look good with the brown leather
  4. TreborA4

    TreborA4 Active Member

    I would want to see the chestnut brown seats in a car rather than rely on the photos which show only parts of the inside.
    You need to be certain you like the colour or you may regret it.

    I think the Amalfi White will go with the chestnut brown seats better than Glacier White.

    Years go (1977!) I had a Ford Capri with tan seats, paintwork was Neptune Blue. That was a good combination.

    What about Scuba Blue? Just a thought! Sorry for the curve ball!
  5. deci

    deci Active Member

    Based on colour harmony theory the closest harmonious match would be a blue car:D

    If in doubt tho, white.
  6. miketrix

    miketrix Member

    Thanks for the opinions. Blue does might work with brown, but...

    White amalfi is on the top of my list, but something that concerns me is that it's really hard to find photos with this color and people choosing it. Can that mean that this color doesn't suit well for this model? In addition, Audi's marketing campaign is promoting glaciar white. Maybe because they want people paying for white? Or because that white suits better for the car than amalfi white?...
  7. number3

    number3 Active Member

    I've always liked black, with brown / cream interior :)


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