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What clutch to get... replace the flywheel or not.. help!!

Ryan360 Mar 28, 2011

  1. Ryan360

    Ryan360 Member

    Hi guys

    Bassically my clutch is slipping so im looking to buy a new clutch but have no idea what one to get and also weather to replace the flywheel aswell??

    Ive been told by some people its a dual mass flywheel so it will cost around 800 quid with labour and other people saying its not a dual mass and only replace the flywheel if its making noise or just see if has play once taken apart.

    Really confused at what to do right now.

    Its a T reg 1.8T

    Help appreciated.
  2. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    DM flywheels are recommended to be changed every second clutch change... assuming yours has had one clutch change already (they normally have) then its advisible to change the DMF when you have the clutch done...

    LuK clutches and DMF's can be bought at a decent price and as LuK make them for VAG they are essentially the same thing but much cheaper... I bought an LuK clutch and DMF for my S3 from GSF for just over £300 + vat... the DMF's from Audi are heading towards £500 for the part alone without fitting!

    Std clutches are fine for mapped power but obviously wear is subjective depending how you drive...

  3. Ryan360

    Ryan360 Member

    Okay cheers, ive done abit of research and a few people on the gti golf forum seem to think replacing the dual mass flywheel with a G60 one/ or mk3 golf gti fly, and the vr6 golf clutch do the job. Anyone on here done that? Is it worth doing?
    I know the 1.8t golfs use the same engine (agu) but is the gearbox ect all the same too?
  4. Speedy Steve

    Speedy Steve Active Member

    Standard clutch is well up to the job even on mine although im still beding mine in im not doing s gret job of it as its just to much fun

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