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What causes windscreen wiper judder ?

Effect Oct 14, 2007

  1. Effect

    Effect Member

    I bought 2 brand new wiper blades at the same time both have a chavvy spoiler on them and both are silicon rubbered.

    I fitted them both at the same time but the drivers side one judders on the windscreen meaning i dont get my windscreen cleared properly.

    I have found squirting washer fluid temporarily stops the juddering for about 3 wipes then it starts again.

    Does this mean I was sold a defective wiper blade ?

  2. marms

    marms Member

    No its the wiper arm that needs adjusting. I had a problem on my old Golf and the VW garage used a little tool that they clipped onto the wiper arm and physically twisted the arm until it was at the correct angle. It's a bit difficult to explain but if you take the car to a garage (VW or Audi) they should be able to sort it in a few minutes.
  3. SamDude

    SamDude Active Member

    Either that, or your wiper arm isn't putting enough pressure on the wiper to make contact with your windscreen...

    Edit: posted this at the same time as Marms
  4. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    Indeed, usually the blade isn't sitting perpendicular to the windscreen. I vote for a quick twist of the arm.
  5. shineydave

    shineydave Member

    twisting violently works for me too
  6. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I find that if the front windscreen has been RainX'd, windcreen judder appears, but a squeeze of washer fluid stops it, as it acts as a lubricant. I only RainX the side and back windows now.
  7. Effect

    Effect Member

    Would it be worth me having a go at twisting it myself or is it best left to VW Audi ?

    I haven't rain x'ed the windscreen but I have put some glass polish on it, it was juddering before i did that though.
  8. CycleSi

    CycleSi Member

    So how do you de-RainX.

    I've applied it and don't rate it. What is the best stuff to remove it?
  9. marms

    marms Member

    It will wear off on its own but if you want to speed things up then I believe it is quite hard to remove. White spirit on a cloth seems to be the popular choice. You will probably need to do the wiper blades too as these will now have a rain-x coating.

    Out of interest, why don't you rate it? I have used it for years now and think it's great. Most people don't apply two coats when they first apply it and therefore it doesn't work well. It is also very good on the side windows and rear windscreen. It also protects against frost and makes clearing a frozen car a fair bit easier.
  10. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Before you do so, just try the below application.


    1. Clean windows as normal (clean, fresh warm water using a clean non-car shampoo sponge - if previously treated with other inferior glass products, remove fully with a glass polish remover), ensure fully dry using chamois.

    2. Squirt plenty of Rain-X (approx 1½” diameter) onto a nice dry fluffy duster folded up in a nice handy size.

    3. Apply to glazing. Rub in until it stops being liquidy and turns hazy and dry. (Can also be applied to wing mirror surfaces, headlamps, rear lamp clusters and number plates). Don’t be shy in using plenty of dusters if they get a bit grimy/rubbery.

    4. Allow to dry a bit (3 mins - note starting at the windscreen and going round the car means when you get back to the windscreen again it should be dry).

    5. Repeat as necessary. (2/3 coats recommended for windscreen and backlight).

    6. Allow to dry a bit more (3 mins).

    7. Take a nice dry fluffy duster and give the hazy and dry glazing surfaces a quick buff to take the edge of the haze.

    8. Do another quick application to the windscreen and re-buff for a an extra Rain-X boost.

    9. Thoroughly wet a chamois and wet wipe all the glazing surfaces thoroughly (enough water to simulate a heavy rain shower on the glazing).

    10. Dry the chamois and dry all the glazing.

    11. Sit back, pray for rain, then enjoy driving at 70 mph in the rain on the M6 without the need for wipers. Revel in the increased visibility all round in all weathers. Be impressed by not having to scrape your windows as much in the winter freeze. Also enjoy the benefits of massacring flies and bugs in the summer without the need for endless windscreen/headlamp/number plate scrubbing to redeem your sins.

    N.B. 1 Experiment with not using your wipers as much at varying speeds in the rain. Where before you would need normal continuous speed wipers you may now only need intermittent.

    N.B. 2 If excessive smearing is experienced during wiper action (sometimes after the initial application), experiment with a quick wash/wipe.

    N.B. 3 Note that applying Rain-X to a virgin windscreen may create wiper judder for a short running in period. This can be alleviated by using Note 2 or a quick wet chamois session with warm water on the windscreen and wiper rubber or another application of Rain-X on the offending wiped surface.

    N.B. 4 After the first application of Rain-X only the wiped glazing surfaces need to be re-applied. Dependant upon weather and wiper usage this may need doing from 1-6 month frequency. Subsequent coats are easier to apply.

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