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What car have you LEAST enjoyed

h5djr Feb 22, 2008

  1. markwiggy

    markwiggy Third Gear

    XR2i probably worst for me out of more modern cars, not very durable, noisy and not so quick only kept it for 4 months, changed it for a Nova 1.3 SR which was much better.
    David, what engine was the Dolopashite, sorry Dolomite, I learn't to drive in my dad's 1974 1850cc,great car and quick in its day, Dad loved his.

  2. GlasgowRangers

    GlasgowRangers GlasgowRangersFC

    Murat 131

    Made Lada and Skoda look positively flashy.

    Still managed to get my hole on a regular basis while driving it though.

  3. baz1985

    baz1985 Member

    current A3.
  4. sleep envy

    sleep envy Member

    Worst in the repect that they are supposed to be performance cars but IMO haven't delivered for one reason or another

    I've had my share of 1,000cc Pandas and 1.7 N/A Fiesta diesels...

    the difference is they do what they say on the tin - the E46 and 172 didn't (for me) live up to the hype :)
  5. Garth_S3

    Garth_S3 Active Member

    Toss up between a 52 plate Imprezza WRX and my new Audi A3 170TDI Quattro.....
    Running for cover

    My most favourite was an 03 plate S3 hmmmm
  6. rich164h

    rich164h Member

    and that's pretty much why my current A3 3.2 DSG S-Line is the least enjoyable car I've ever driven or owned. It's hugely competent, way beyond anything else I've ever driven but that complete precision means that it just doesn't have any character or soul. It's also why after only four months of ownership I'm selling it. I've never owned a car for such a short period of time. For me driving is about more than just getting from A to B and the A3 just doesn't offer that (in my opinion).

    By contrast my first car, an A-reg VW Polo CL 1050cc, was one of the best I've ever driven with an incredibly sweet gear change. It had almost no power from that tiny engine but it didn't matter because there was no grip from the skinny tyres either. Huge fun :)
  7. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    My S3 (2001 8L) was a huge disappointment, I was really looking forward to it but when I bought it I was completley underwhelmed. It wasn't all that fast, looked dull and the handling was atrocious. Had it for little more than a month and upgraded to a MKIV R32 which is infinitely better and has tons more character than the S3 which is as dull as ditchwater.
  8. R14AYN

    R14AYN Driving like it was stolen

    Any Renault - We don't seem to get on
    The last model Lagauna was easily the worst car I have ever had the pleasure of having towed away....5 times in as many months for - 2 broken engine mounts, 2 snapped gear box mounts and a faulty key (your warranty is void if the engine light comes on - its nearly alawys the stupid electronic key)
  9. Brookie-S3

    Brookie-S3 Member

    ye so did i from seeing the launch of these in 1998 at the car show.
    what a big let down.

    i thought they would be as good as the cavalier gsi, but no where near
  10. PNH80

    PNH80 Low life livin' the high life.

    My first car...Citroen AX GT. I can't describe it any better than an egg box. You could dent that thing with your little finger...no, seriously! The engine was very nippy but the manual choke kept failing, handbrake failed, brakes seized on a number of occasions, drivers seat came away from the floor etc etc. The list goes on. Never really got on with French cars since, pretty much scarred me for life!
  11. giblets46

    giblets46 Member

    Had a Peugeot 307 1.6CDI or soemthing, engine was ok, car **** though, had windscreen wipers that had not been set up for the UK, so when it was raining or dirty, had a massive blind spot by the A pillar.
    Managed to switch the engine off twice on the M1, when i knocked the keys with my knee, but worst, the anti submarine bar under the driver seat was far too shallow and really dug into your thigh after about an hour in the wheel.
  12. unkle

    unkle Beer God

    Erm 1.6 FSI Sport A3, lovely car, just really under powered...

    Or a 5 door Metro GTA 1.0, it had rust on the rear arches and was only about 2 years old, no wonder they went bust!
  13. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    worst car - not one but two vauxhall novas.... nuff said.

    best car/most fun... ford capri bought for £125 used over a winter when it snowed - had lots of fun even though it only had a pittance 1.6 pinto lump in it which really struggled to cart that heavy lump of iron around - none the less very very solid and nice to drive car

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