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What car did you have before S3? and what next?

cliowilliams Sep 12, 2004

  1. MarkS3

    MarkS3 Member

    well i think you may laugh at these:

    Ford Escort cab xr3i
    Shogun 2.5 td
    Range rover 3.9 se
    Ford Sorp
    A3 1.6se

    There are more before the escort but i can not bring myself to writing them here, one was a audi 100 auto!! and i did have a caterham 7 as a second car for a while.
  2. RichA3Turbo

    RichA3Turbo ...Watching you! Staff Member Moderator

    [ QUOTE ]
    MarkS3 said:
    Ford Escort cab xr3i

    [/ QUOTE ]

    You from Essex? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh_roll.gif
  3. MarkS3

    MarkS3 Member

    I was yes, and your point?
  4. RichA3Turbo

    RichA3Turbo ...Watching you! Staff Member Moderator

    [ QUOTE ]
    MarkS3 said:
    I was yes

    [/ QUOTE ]

    /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/angel.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
  5. benk

    benk Member

    Raleigh ??? (with stabilisers, solid rubber wheels, rod-brake (no cables))
    Raleigh Striker (black, fat tyres and squishy seat)
    Falcon BMX (nasty seat)
    Ammaco racer (10 gears)
    Ford Escort MkI
    Citroen BX 1.9RD
    Citroen BX 1.7 TZD Hurricane (great car, comfy and smooth and brilliant up hills)
    Citroen Xsara 1.8 16v (good for a few years, then rattles began)
    Audi A3 1.8TS (a world apart, but not as comfy or pleasant to drive as BX).
  6. dans3

    dans3 Member

    Didn't realise what bad cars some of you had!!

    1.4 Mk3 Golf
    1.8 GTI mk2 Golf
    1.8 G60 Mk2 Golf (204bhp)
    And from Today a Boxster S!

    The G60 my most fun car! The S3 my most capable.

  7. benk

    benk Member

    Haha... the striker, about the same weight as the average ocean liner, but with worse handling.

    BX-wise, they were good, apart from the 1.9RD deciding to spill it's LHM (hydraulic fluid) on the road one day. Since it was a mile to work, I kept going. Usually I'd hurl the thing into the nearest driveway/lawn before the brakes gave up as the fluid vanished.
    It certainly helped to have a brother in law who's a Citroen mechanic though. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

    I had friends who let their gas spheres go bad, which either results in low-riding gutter-cleaners that have the all the luxury suspension of a park bench, or they go the other extreme and go super-high and bounce forever, with no apparent damping!

    The one great adventure I had in a BX (the 1.9RD again) was that when starting, it would lose all power while trying to start, and go completely dead, not even the hint of a spark. It did this once and I got someone to jump start me, then went for a drive through the country to see if it helped charge things back up.
    I was sailing along a country lane at 80 and trying windows, etc (yes, electric, in a B-reg BX!) and then I tried the lights. This was what we call a "mistake".
    Complete power loss. I was now coasting at 80, and since the engine powers the pumps that manage the suspension and brakes, I decided to pull over sharpish. (See above comment about "lawns"). Having ploughed 4 shapely furrows in some poor sod's front garden, I used his phone (mobiles were still working their way into common use at this time) to call National Breakdown (I was SO much happier to hear their hold song "Rescue me"). Turned out to be a loose connection on the battery, which we spotted purely by seeing a spark.

    Still a comfy car though. Never tried driving it on 3 wheels (as it's rumoured to be possible), but this may well have happened automatically if I'd owned it for longer...

  8. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Ok my definitive list...

    Fiesta 1.1 Ghia (Flash eh?)
    Fiesta supersport
    Fiat Uno Turbo
    Mk2 Golf GTi 16V
    Astra GTE 16V
    Mk2 Golf Gti 16V
    Corrado G60
    Golf VR6
    Audi S3
    Peugeot 405 Diesel (run around car)
    Ford Orion 1.8 LX (run around car after the pug blew up!)
    Mk4 Golf GT TDi 110
    Current S3.


  9. imported_gek

    imported_gek Guest

    1. Escort Diesel (1.8?)
    2. Rover 216 coupe
    3. Rover 220 turbo coupe
    4. Escort turbo diesel (1.8?)
    5. Corrado 16v
    6. Golf 1.8SE
    7. Golf VR6
    8. Current S3
  10. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    [ QUOTE ]
    DickyS3 said:
    Ok my definitive list...

    Fiesta 1.1 Ghia (Flash eh?)
    Fiesta supersport
    Fiat Uno Turbo
    Mk2 Golf GTi 16V
    Astra GTE 16V
    Mk2 Golf Gti 16V
    Corrado G60
    Golf VR6
    Audi S3
    Peugeot 405 Diesel (run around car)
    Ford Orion 1.8 LX (run around car after the pug blew up!)
    Mk4 Golf GT TDi 110
    Current S3.


    [/ QUOTE ]

    Some cars are just worth having twice, Mk2 Golf GTi 16V and Audi S3 /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
  11. Woodster

    Woodster Welcome to my world...

    Well here's my list no laughing!!

    Past Motors:
    1. Fiesta Popular (nuff said) (Y Reg)
    2. Vauxhall Astra (Policeman wrote it off!!)(C Reg)
    3. Mini Clubman (Given to me by my sister after the copper ran into me!)
    4. Pug 306 1.9td (hmmm oil burner) (L Reg)
    5. Pug 306 dTurbo (why again?) (P Reg)
    6. A4 1.9 tdi 130 (ok for motorways) (02 Reg)

    Current Motors:
    7. S3 225 (good motor) (52 Reg)
    8. TVR Chimaera 450 (great motor) (R Reg)

    Future Motors:
    Don't know really, S3 is fine for the commute, the TVR might get swapped for a T350 in a couple of years...

    Still have the mini in the garage, just preparing it to be taken away to a better home...
  12. dbm

    dbm Active Member

    My cars to date:-
    1.8 Austin Maxi (Gold coloured!)
    1.5 Nissan Sunny 'Fast Back' estate
    1.3 Escort
    XR3i Escort Convertable
    Rover 420 GSi
    Nissan 200SX
    Subaru Impreza 2000 Turbo AWD
    Audi S3 (now heavily modified)

    What next? Either an RS3, S4 of Porsche C4 in a couple of years time.

    Of those cars, the Escort has a nice pose in 1994, the Nissan was the most fun with it's RWD antics (sideways round a 'bout in the middle of town on a busy Saturday!), the Impreza had the most amazing road holding but the S3 is the consumate all-rounder.

    If an RS3 comes out in the next couple of years I'll look at that or an S4. The Porker is a bit of a pipe dream but could happen /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

  13. PCB

    PCB New Member

    Since 1986...

    Ford Capri MK1 1600
    Ford Capri MK2 1600
    Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce
    Ford Fiesta XR2
    Peugeot 205 GTi 1600
    Peugeot 309 GTi
    Peugeot 205 D Turbo
    Peugeot 205 GTi 1900
    Honda Dominator 650 ( Bike not a Dildo )
    VW Scirocco
    Ford Sierra Estate
    Audi 80 Sport
    Range Rover 3.5 Vogue
    VW Passat
    Jeep Cheokee 4.0L Ltd.
    Audi A4 1.8 T Sport
    Mercedes CLK320 Avantgarde
    Subaru Impreza WRX PPP
    Subaru Impreza WRX STi7 PPP
    Subaru Impreza WRX STi8 PPP
    Mitsubishi EVO FQ330

    Current 2003 S3 225 ( AmD Re-map 269 )
    Honda CBR 600RR

    Next, like the sound of the RS3 or maybe RS4.

  14. S3K

    S3K Member

    Trying to think of what I had hmmmm....

    1. Fiesta 957cc X Reg
    2. Fiesta 1.1 C Reg (was more power hungry hehe)
    3. Escort 1.4L E Reg (twas immaculate!!)
    4. Orion 1600 Inj Ghia F Reg (now I am flying!!)
    5. Renault 5 GT Turbo E Reg (fantastic go kart experience)
    6. Mk1 Golf GTi X Reg (unusual stepback but fully loaded and too much fun)
    7. Escort RS Turbo F Reg (190bhp Power Engineering tuned but thieving little gits got hold of my then pride and joy!!)
    8. Renault Laguna 2.0 H reg (got this as a runnaround as thought I would never see the 'scort again, I did but had to sell it cos it wasnt the same after it was stolen!!)
    9. Saxo 16v vts W reg (bought new and pretty fun to drive though not as they would say comfortable)
    10. S3...starting at the bottom and working my way to the top with some hiccups along the way /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

    By far the S3 comes out tops all the way....
  15. ANDYTQ

    ANDYTQ Well-Known Member

    2 Minis neither standard,escort mk3 1300 ghia modded,Golf gti 8v modded,Jetta 2.9 vr6 very modded 225 bhp,Seat Leon Cupra (stock)only cause didn't have it long enough,Seat Ibiza Cupra(turbo) modded 210bhp and now A3 modded. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gifNotice the trend ,next ,money permiting S4 /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gifAndy
  16. smudgy57

    smudgy57 Member

    toyota mr2 (mk2) now s3 (silver)......next not sure maybe a subaru, the only reason because of the good reveiws they get and reliability, not to keen on the typical bright blue ones though!! maybe a black one. unless i save my pennies and get the new s3, when it comes out. bit pricey though. but all time favorite is an rs6..........but i might aswell get that one out of my head, coz it aint gonna happen /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif
  17. damo f 85

    damo f 85 New Member

    since i passed in 2002 ive had 2 nissan micras 1 ford fiesta xr2 1 corsa sri 1 honda civic type r 1 vectra sri a subaru impreza wrx a pajero 2.8turbo mrk4 golf gti and know my baby audi a3 18t
  18. mad max

    mad max sixth gear

    had an audi a6 2.7t sport before the s3.realy quick for a big car effortless to drive with tiptronic,and build quality better than the s3.downside it was a realy juicy car about 12 miles to the gallon round town.before that an audi tt 225 to cramped to common
  19. themanthatcan

    themanthatcan Member VCDS Map User

    Holy thread revival Batman! May as well get this thread going again anyway as it's always interesting to see what people have owned in the past.

    Here's what I've had since passing my test in 1997:

    '85 Renault 5 GTL 1.4
    '86 Mk3 Ford Escort GL 1.6
    '89 Mk4 Ford Escort XR3i cabriolet 1.6
    '98 Peugeot 106 GTi 1.6
    '89 Honda Accord 1.8
    '03 Toyota Yaris T3 D-4D 1.4
    '01 Audi S3 something or other ;)

    Only just got the S3 so will be holding onto it for 3 years or so and then I guess it'll be a newer S3 as an upgrade once they come into my price range!
  20. Ibzzzzz

    Ibzzzzz Member

    1. Audi A3 1.8 20v.....
  21. Jacko4130

    Jacko4130 Goodie Gum Drops

    306 S16 was my first motor
    S3 is my second / golf project
  22. jim s3

    jim s3 Member

    from passing my test ive had
    1. 1.3 metro ended up in a tree
    2. 1.0 metro
    3.rover 216
    4.1.4 fiesta which i spend aboyt 5 grand on lol
    5.bmw 320 convertible which i still have and spent **** loads on 2500 for a set of wheels no tyres lol
    6. audi s3 which is broken but have ordered a gt2871r and forged pistons and con rods and a few more goodies but you lot will have to wait and see..
  23. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    Directly before = Honda Interga Type-R
    After = Porsche Carrera 4S

    There is still nothing significantly 'better' to drive that would make me sell the 911 for...so I'll wait until there is.
  24. jamieface

    jamieface the only S3 in the villiage

    Sinclair C5 ?? Nothing like open top motoring !
  25. domburg

    domburg Member

    first car was a 998cc mini :o.k:
    Vauxhall nova 1.5 d
    Vw Golf driver mk2
    '97' saxo VTR
    '99' saxo VTR
    Mk4 Vw Golf GT TDI
    Saxo VTS
    E36 bmw 323 coupe
    now my S3

    next - i have no idea and have no plans to change in the near fuure as the s3 is the best car i have owned.
  26. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    I had a Mk2 Golf GTi as my 1st car, it was the best and i would have it back anyday!!!

    Then i had a Mk3 Golf GTi, which was nice, but wasnt the Mk2, then i had a Audi A4 1.8T Sport, which was good, but wasnt really what i wanted, i wanted something quickish and reliable and that was it!!

    Then finally the S3 arrived, which i am very pleased with.

    As for the next car, due to mileage, i wouldnt mind a Mk4 Anniversary Golf GTDi, or i could just do what i did this time and not bother about the petrol and go for a S4!!!
  27. alijames

    alijames Active Member

    1988-1988 Talbot Rancho (Remember them? Yeuch!!) 1350miles
    1988-1989 Escort Mk2 1.3L 7000miles
    1988-1991 Fiesta Mk1 1.1L 47000miles
    1991-1996 Fiesta Mk2 1.3L 65000miles
    1996-2000 Mazda 323 GTi 3-door 92000miles
    2000-2002 Peugot 205 GTi 1.9 26000miles
    2002-2005 Mazda 323 GTi 5-door 71000miles
    2003-2008 Mazda Mx5 1.8 21000miles
    2005-2007 Ford Focus 2.0 Ghia 5-door 28000miles
    2008-? Audi S3 800miles so far...

    I thought the 3-door 323 GTi was a fantastic car, until I got the S3...

  28. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    Age 18 - 2005 - Vauxhall Astra 1.8 Sport
    2006 - MK4 Golf GTI turbo
    2006 - Audi A4 1.8T
    2007 - Audi S3
    2008 - MK4 R32

    Next up - In a bit of a conondrum, want to keep it VAG but can't keep away from E46 M3, also liking Nissan 350Z and even a Megane 225 Cup!
  29. fishman85

    fishman85 New Member

    2003-2005 Toyota Starlet 1.3i
    2005-Present LandRover Defender
    Jan 2008- Present S3

    Hate to say it but the defender is probably the most fun to drive.
  30. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    heres mine----

    1996 - Rover 214S with GTI alloys hehe
    1998 - Ford Escort 1.6 LX in lurvely Maroon
    2000 - Vauxhall Astra 1.8 SXI
    2001 - Audi 1.8T sport
    2008 - Audi S3

    Plus several company cars from my dealership days inc, Astra GSi old shape, New shape SRi, a few non entities and finishing with a VX220 turbo for 2 months.
  31. scott_johnson

    scott_johnson Audiless

    2006 - nuvola blue flipped peugeot 106 quicksilver
    2006- vw gt tdi 115 mapped golf
    2007 - mapped pre facelift
    2008- mapped facelift s3
  32. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

    1st mums 1.4 clio!
    2nd 306 1.6 XS
    3rd My baby the S3

    next... would love a S4 or an rs4 but wishful thinking for now!
  33. Essflee

    Essflee Well-Known Member

    Since passing in 97...

    Old T Reg Vw golf 1.1
    86 Mk 3 XR3i
    89 Nova 1.3SR
    92 Clio 16v
    93 Astra Diesel (crock of ****)
    98 Audi A3 T
    03 Audi S3 225
  34. S3 Big Andy

    S3 Big Andy Stealth Beast Baby Yay

    So many cars so little space!
    Hillman Avenger
    Escort mk 1
    Escort mk 2
    Cortina mk3
    Austin healey 1800
    XR3 I
    214 Rover
    Vauxhall Carlton 2.2
    Ford Orion
    Ford Serria
    Pug 504
    pug 406
    Vauxhall caviller
    Ford Mondeo
    Toyota thing!
    Vauxhall Vectra x 2
    Honda Accord
    Ford Focus
    Merc 200 Komp
    Mondeo estate (head hangs at the shame!) I did blow it up though:)
    Tyre R Civic
    Mk2 GTI
    Colour concept GTI Mk3?
    Audi 1.8 T
    Audi A4
    Vauxhall Vectra VXR (not a car to corner fast in!)
    Audi S3
  35. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    jeeese im getting frown lines just like yours Andy, just reading that list:lmfao:
  36. Mills

    Mills Wants Boost..

    This :)


    And still have it as my first car, should have an S3 at the end of the year/mid next year!
  37. S90GAV

    S90GAV Member

    Corsa sport
    Audi A3 SE
    Audi A3 20v T
    Audi S3 - since last week :)
  38. Andy_S3

    Andy_S3 Member

    Had the A3 1.8TQ, wasnt satisfied so treat myself to an S3, would love an RS6 as my next car but realistically i think its gonna be a diesel A4 Sport, preferably 2.5quattro
  39. scoobyra

    scoobyra It's not f@cking ORANGE!!!!!

    RD 125lc
    RG 500 gamma
    TZR 250 reverse cylinder

    Mk 3 Cortina
    Mini 1000
    Mk 4 Cortina
    Mk 5 Cortina
    2 x Mk 2 Escort RS200
    Mk 2 Escort 2.1 twin 45s, 5 speed etc etc
    2 x Mk 1 Fiesta Supersort
    Nova Sport
    3 x Mk 3 Escort XR3i
    Series One Ecsort RS Turbo
    Peugoet 205 GTi
    MK 2 Fiesta XR2i
    8 x Mk 2 Golf GTi
    Sierra Saphire Cosworth
    Impreza WRX
    Impreza WRX type RA
    Audi A3 1.8t Sport
    and now
    Audi S3
  40. sitrials

    sitrials Member

    '01 1.0l mk5 Polo (passed my driving test in this beast!)
    '99 1.9tdi A4 avant (slammed) pics in B5 forum pic thread
    '00 minge blue S3 (my daily drive today)
    next is a B5 RS4 (my dream)

    once i have my RS4 i'll be happy!:thumbsup:

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