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what can vagcom enable/do to a b5 a4?

jayz_son Sep 10, 2012

  1. jayz_son

    jayz_son New Member

    i have vagcom and a mate has just bought a 1999 1.8t quattro saloon a4

    i used to have a tt myself and enabled a few things like auto lock/alarm beep etc

    is there a list of stuff that can be done to a b5?
  2. Bradderz_1988

    Bradderz_1988 Dont replace it, Upgrade it !!

    Ross tech guide in my notes app !!!

    Ross-Tech is not responsible for any damage or problems that may result from following these instructions. They are to be used at your own risk.

    Specific Modules:

    01-Engine: -- KWP-1281
    VCDS works well with all engines available in the U.S. and most engines that users have tested in overseas markets.

    Idle Speed Adaptation:

    With engine warmed up, at idle:

    [01 engine]
    [Adaptation - 10]
    Enter channel 01
    Enter an adaptation value between 124 and 132

    (May require a Login of 01283 or 11463, depending on year or model)

    Throttle Body Adaptation:

    Turn the key on but do not start the car.

    [01 - Engine]
    [Measuring Blocks - 08]
    Enter Group 060 (may be Group 098 on some cable-throttle cars)
    [Switch to basic settings]

    Once you do this you will see the top right display say ADP RUN. The TB
    adaptation is being done as soon as you switch to basic settings. You will see the values change and hear the TB cycle for the first few seconds then it will stop. Leave it in basic mode for about 30 seconds, then switch back to normal settings and you're all set.

    Be sure not to touch the accelerator and make sure the engine is NOT running when you do this!

    02-Auto Trans : -- KWP-1281
    VCDS works fine

    Recoding Tiptronic:

    In the newer cars, there are coding options for "Old" vs "New" "Tiptronic strategy". The "New" stategy (introduced in 2000 I think) is much more "automatic" than the old. To get the "Old Tiptronic strategy" where it won't downshift unless you come to a complete stop, I believe you have to change the coding in the following manner:

    [02 - Auto Trans]
    [Recode - 07]
    Enter the coding below
    [Do It!]

    Write down the original coding for future reference.

    Look at the fourth digit in the coding (Cylinders):

    0 or 1 - "New-style Tiptronic"
    2 - "Old-style Tiptronic"

    Look at the fifth digit in the coding (Market version):

    1 - "Rest of world, quattro"
    2 - "USA, quattro"
    3 - "Rest of world, FronTrak"
    4 - "USA, FronTrak"

    So, for a USA model A4 quattro, if the original coding is 00002, and you want to change to the "Old-style Tiptronic" strategy, change the coding to 00022.

    PS: As always, you play with stuff like this at your own risk. The "old" strategy is documented by VW only for "testing" and they explictly say that the car should be recoded the way it was before giving it back to the customer.

    03-ABS Brakes: -- KWP-1281
    VCDS works fine

    08-HVAC: -- KWP-1281
    VCDS works fine

    15-Airbags: -- KWP-1281
    VCDS works fine

    17-Instruments: -- KWP-1281
    VCDS Works fine.

    Immobilizer Procedures in the Ross-Tech Wiki

    Note: US/Canada model Audi A4/S4 do not have Immobilizers.

    Recode for warning lamps (through 1999 only):

    [17 - Instruments]
    [Recode - 07]
    Write down the existing coding for future reference.
    Enter 5-digit code from below
    [Do It!]

    Look at the first two digits in the coding. Add the values for the options together to get the correct coding.

    00 - No available equipment
    +01 - Brakepad wear sensor warning active
    +02 - Seatbelt warning active
    +04 - Washer fluid level warning active (may only work with pre-2000 models)
    +16 - Navigation System (non-USA models)

    Look at the third digit in the coding (Market version):

    0 - "Germany" 24 hour clock
    1 - "Rest of World" 24 hour clock
    2 - "USA" 12 hour clock
    3 - "Canada" 12 hour clock

    Look at the fourth digit in the coding (Cylinders):

    4 - 4-cylinder
    6 - 6-cylinder

    Look at the fifth digit in the coding (Distance impulse multiplier):

    0 - TDI Engine (non-USA models)
    2 - Non-turbo Gasoline engine
    4 - Turbocharged engine

    So, if you want to have Seatbelt warning and washer fluid warning only in a 1999 Canadian A4 2.8, (add 00+02+04 = 06),3,6,2 = 06362.

    A complete instrument cluster coding chart which includes 2000 and newer cars is available in the Ross-Tech Wiki.

    Change Language Displayed:

    [17 - Instruments]
    [Adaptation - 10]
    Enter channel 04

    The available languages are :

    00001 - German
    00002 - English
    00003 - French
    00004 - Italian
    00005 - Spanish
    00006 - Portuguese


    Resetting Service Reminder Intervals:

    Ross-Tech: VAG-COM: Audi Service Interval Reminders

    22-AWD – Purely Mechanical!
    The quattro system in these cars is purely mechanical, no electronics at all. This address is used by the Haldex system used in transverse-engine cars like the TT, the A3, and various Golf/Bora models.

    35-Central Locks: -- KWP-1281
    VCDS Works fine (note: pre-'97 A4's may not have this module).

    Recode locking options

    [35 - Cent. Locks]
    [Recode - 07]
    Enter the coding below
    [Do It!]

    Write down the existing coding for future reference.

    A4 pre-1998 with Delta radio and anti-theft system
    Standard Coding: 03468

    A4 pre-1998 with Delta radio, anti-theft system and keyless entry
    Standard Coding: 12172

    A4 1998+ with Concert/Symphony radio and anti-theft system
    Standard Coding: 03340

    S4, A4 1998+ with Concert/Symphony radio, anti-theft system and keyless entry
    Standard Coding: 16140

    Add the following options to your coding number:

    +64 Windows up, sunroof close, and windows down with remote.
    -04 One touch unlock of all 4 doors and trunk
    -1024 Remove horn honk when arming
    +32 Auto lock/unlock of doors (Doors lock at 15 mph and unlock when key is removed)

    So, if you want to have a 1999 A4 with Concert radio and anti-theft system and keyless entry, and you want to add window control with the remote along with auto-lock, then:
    add 03340+64+32= 03436

    37-Navigation: -- KWP-1281
    VCDS Works fine.

    45-Int. Monitor: -- KWP-1281
    VCDS Works fine (note: This is tied in with 35-Central Locking so it may not work with pre-'97).

    Sensitivity Adjustment

    [45 - Int. Monitor]
    [Adaptation - 10]
    Enter channel 01
    Enter a value between 50-100 (it should be 100 by default) for the sensitivity of the ultra-sound sensors

    55-Headlight Range: KWP-1281
    VCDS Seems to work fine.
    Note this controller is only present on cars with Xenon headlights.

    56- Radio: – KWP-1281
    Please read the following pages pertaining to Audi Concert and Symphony Radios.

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