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what can i do

tommyt2 Apr 15, 2007

  1. tommyt2

    tommyt2 Member

    hi everyone my car is 2002 2.5tdi v6 audi a4 b6 quattro 180 bhp engine ake.I have remapped this car about 5 times with turbo tech in ireland as the first time i wasnt so impressed,and now im resonably happy but was expecting alot more.the car is now at 204 bhp and 330 lbs/tf torque.I used to own a pd 115 golf a 130 and a 150 and they were alot more responsive to the dimsport software.I know this engine is not a pd but really for the capacity it is it should be more than happy with an additional 50 bhp.I spoke to a company called torque tronix in northern ireland who told me they used to own a 2.5 a4 and the problem with them is the pump can not flow enough diesel to make big power, and that he could try adjusting the slider on the pump manually but at 1200 pounds a pump if it goes wrong isnt cheap .The a4 they had with different nozzles and a hybrid turbo made 230 bhp. But the guy told me if i had the b5 2.5 they could work it to around 300 bhp.He does sound like he knows this stuff inside out plus he prepares cars and engines for vw motorsport uk.but does anyone on here have any info i really would like more power :racer:

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