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What Audi A4 (Diesel) to buy? Already own an Audi A3 (115 BHP) but looking to upgrade

Fanboy Oct 7, 2012

  1. Fanboy

    Fanboy An Audi Fanboy


    I own an Audi A3 FSI Sport 1.6 (115 BHP) but looking to upgrade and go for something more sporty and powerful, something between 140 to 170-180 BHP!

    Unfortunately don't know anything about A4s, all I know is the shapes B5, B6 and B7s/B8s but nothing specifically about their engine sizes, fuel consumptions, top models market-share wise and so on...

    I've been looking on eBay and AutoTrader for different types but didn't seem to get me anywhere... already looked at Parkers but its giving spec of the Audi A4s and their fuel, but nothing in regards to their up and down sides...

    If anyone of you guys could briefly explain what models there are and which ones I should specially look to buy the would appreciate that!

    You might wonder why I'm considering to upgrade, that's cause my bro is taking my Audi A3... so I obviously need a bigger engine car! Right!

    Looking for more B6s and B7s, my budget is around 8k! And looking for 0-1 number of previous owners!

  2. Fanboy

    Fanboy An Audi Fanboy

    I was looking to get GOLF GTI MKV/MK5 200-230 BHP, but after have few quotes around £1,400 to 1,700 there is no way to get any cheaper quotes, also about few minutes ago I called the top two cheapest insurance companies to find out more and they confirmed that the quote I have had form MoneySupermarket is incorrect and their cheapest price would be £1,800, WTF!

    Buying a GTI costs £7K to £8K and having it insured is 1/4 of the actual cost of the car! So I quit buying GTI as it costs me hell of a lot!

    I'm 25, been driving for 7-8 years since 2005 and still cant get insured on 200+ BHP cars! WTF!

    I've got 4 years of NCD but using that on my other policy! So must start with 0 NCD! :(

    That might help!
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2012
  3. VagCabby

    VagCabby Active Member

    Diesel engines available on the b6 and b7s were the 1.9 which came in afew different power bands but by far the most popular. 2.0 140 and 170, 2.5 163 and 180 and the 3.0 which I think was 220bhp.

    As for insurance, I'm 24 with 7 years driving and 6 years ncb with no accidents or convictions and I pay just over £900 a year with admiral on my b6 cab sport 2.5 tdi

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