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What are the signs of a faulty or worn MAF?

CHRIS555 Jan 11, 2011

  1. CHRIS555

    CHRIS555 DOPE with added OCD

    As per the title, unless you have an obvious management light on or codes suggesting so, what are the best ways to tell when a MAF is becoming worn or faulty?
  2. crazypainter

    crazypainter Member

    Mine just didnt pull smoothly, now this could be any number of things but in this case it the only possibilty and it was MAF. You can run without it on for a short while and see if it seems more responsive and smooth, if it does then thats probably it. Then re connect. It may then throw up a warning but mine didnt. You can buy these from any number of places, but I went to Audi because one of the major other suppliers have been known to sell copies and I didnt want to muck about. I believe there isnt a specific warning code for the MAF, but someone who knows their diagnostics will be able to read the codes and it will point to this.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2011
  3. paul20v

    paul20v Audi fanatic

    As already said very rarely the air mass meter puts on an EML
    Most of the time the car plays up or just loses power and doesnt feel as fresh
    the best way to check one is with diagnostic equipment and take actual reading and make sure they are still in specification .

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