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What about Symphony 1 head unit??

Discussion in 'In-Car Entertainment' started by imported_ianimms, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. I think i have symphony 1 headunit in my 1999 A4? I don't really want to spoil the look of the dash so was thinking of connecting it to my pioneer DEQ P800 DSP (which has a single din face only 1 inch deep i can mount somewhere) to then goe off to the amps i'll install to power all speakers in the car. I did this in my previous golf as it had built in sat nav so i had no choice. I have a top of the range Pioneer MP3 OEL head unit with built in DSP as well, but like i mentioned, i don't want to spoil the dash, plus as the symphony is double din, it would be a sod to do? Anyone got any thoughts or suggestions? Basically i am worried i'll do all this and have [censored] quality, i have found the hidden graphic eq in the symphony, but does it make much difference? HELP PLEASE!!
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  3. AndyMac is your man for this.
    You can get facia kits for things like this but I'm not to sure which one you need. I went for Autoleads - but have since been told Audi OEM is better and about the same price.

    I'm not to sure about the outputs on the back of the Symphony - I had the Concert but there were no RCA on the back so I bought a kit. I, like yourself wanted to keep the standard head unit as I felt it looked nice and I wasn't to concerned about someone pinching it (I was going to hide the amps in the boot and all the speakers were custom but in the standard fittings) But to be honests the head unit wasn't really up to that much with everything installed. Infinity Components (front) Focal CS165 (rear) running off Philips DAP600 MKII amp and a Cerwin Vega dual voice cone Sub in a non-ported box running off a Philips DAP300 amp. Both amps mounted in the boot under the rear shelf. So I bought a DEHP9400MP HU to replace the Concert and although it donesnt sit flush (working on it). It sounds AWESOME and a lot of people like the look of it. If you want a few pics give me a shout.

    Like I say AndyMac is perhaps the best person advise.

    Good Luck any way - let us know the out come
  4. Try Autoleads for an adaptor
    The 1st pic is mine with adaptors fitted.
    The second is the 'little yellow square plug' and RCA.

    I found that I got to much distortion from the head unit to the amps and it sounded really bad through my speakers, so I dumped it for - Pic 3
  5. Pic 2 - yellow plug ???

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