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What about SuperSprint cat-back on 2.0 tdi

abpostelnicu Apr 2, 2010

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm considering to change my non-resonated milltek with the similar version from Superspritn, what did you hear about the products made by them?

    Many thanks
  2. Boydie

    Boydie S3 8V DSG VCDS Map User

    Why the change? It will not make any difference to the performance of the car.

    You already have a very good exhaust on it so in my opinion, not worth the change over.
  3. The change will not cost me at all because the German seller from whom i bought the exhaust offered me a 30 days money buck guarantee, to be honest the sound didn't change to much from the stock version and when it comes to performance i'm aware of the fact that there is a little to no benefit. Also the supersprint has a pipe diameter of 55.4mm and milltek has 2.5".

    Manu thanks
  4. C39KER

    C39KER Audi TT MK2 With MSS Street Kit

    Do you have a link for the website????
  5. scottie123

    scottie123 (●̮̮̃•̃) (●&#

    So the supersprint has a smaller pipe than the miltec?

    I was always lead to believe,the bigger the better?
  6. robby

    robby Active Member

    2.5" is a couple of mm larger than the 55.4mm supersprint diameter so i guess there would be no benefit?
    i had a Supersprint many years ago on (backbox only) and it was as quiet as the standard exhaust
  7. scottie123

    scottie123 (●̮̮̃•̃) (●&#

    More than a couple.

    Miltec is 63.5 mm diameter, so the supersprint is 8mm smaller ion diameter.

    Thats quite a bit really.

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