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What a load of F-ing grrrr.......

IceHanger May 5, 2012

  1. IceHanger

    IceHanger Active Member VCDS Map User

    can anyone guess?

    The engine cover / airbox / maf housing...what a ****e design!!! as soon as I can afford the ITG system it's going on.
    could I get it off with a warm engine...could I heck:wtf:...kneeling in the engine bay and swearing...result

    Now after checking the intake and turbo system for splits and plugs....can I bloody get it back on!!!!!!:banghead:

    rant over:aggressive:
  2. Blackie

    Blackie Active Member

    Mines a doddle now but yes it's a right ball ache when it's not been removed for a while. Another reason why I knew Guildford Audi had done **** all the the Jaffa
  3. JS3

    JS3 Member VCDS Map User

    Absolute b*ll ache...!

    I went to Harrogate Audi to ask a tech to loosen it (afraid of breaking the cover) and they told me that they couldn't do it for me but only instruct - sounds like he had broken a few in his time and didn't want the risk. I tried the warm engine trick and in the end just pulled so hard that I actually broke the rubber mount.

    Good tip is to put some copper slip onto the rubber nodules to make it easier next time. (Although I haven't had it off since!)
  4. p_trouble

    p_trouble Member

    easy way to get it back on is to spray some Furniture Polish on the rubbers! slides on easy

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