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What a BIG CON........

Rallyman Feb 12, 2010

  1. Rallyman

    Rallyman LPG Abuser & have VAGCOM Bronze Supporter

    Got a letter from the peoples at the DVLC today, tax not due yet on both cars, mmmmmm?

    My photocard licence will be expiring soon they are valid for 10years, so I have to resubmit a new photo, I might possibly submit the same one :p (only a few grey hairs not much difference) and a Cheque for £20 .......... or if you dont, they have all your details (a bit like TV licence) a £1000 fine........

    What evil B!"$^$d cn*t thought of that ....... sheesssh

    So have a lookey at your driving licence and see how long you have to save .......

    Do you think that this is a con?

  2. head

    head Member

    damn right its a con.just another way for the f***ers to get more coin outta of us drivers...scum
  3. jonny87

    jonny87 Active Member

    totally mate, i am in similar situation

    i have now cleared all my points off my license and thought i would get a new one to see what a clean license actually looks like lol

    apparently i must also pay this stupid £20 admin charge, same photo card, just need to print off another paper part minus the two sp30's, surely not worth twenty quid??

    if you really wanted to make a point and get round paying the charge, move house, notify them of change of address and they will send you a brand new card for free ;)
    bit extreme, but that would show them :)
  4. Rallyman

    Rallyman LPG Abuser & have VAGCOM Bronze Supporter

    Move to me Maams for a week or two :p

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