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Welldone WD04 HID kit (£30)

welldonehid May 14, 2014

  1. welldonehid

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    HiD Conversion Kit

    - Welldone WD04


    · Easier installation due to the smaller design.

    · White & sharp light beam reduces visual fatigue.
    · Half consumption with 3x brither light.
    · Longlife, 10 times more than halogen bulbs.


    Compact, Reliable & High Quality
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Best quality/price rate HID kits.
    All our kits pass high control quality test & are tested before shipment.
    Fast start-up thanks to new generation ballast.
    Digital ballast with AC current (NOT DC current).
    Silicon made High Voltage cables to assure long life.

    Completely waterproof.
    Can work in extreme conditions (temperature, water, shocks, mud...)
    Raw material imported from Germany, USA & Japan (ballast assembled in China)
    ISO 9001 & E13 Certification

    Kit include:
    • 2x HID Bulbs
    • 2x HID Ballasts
    • Installation manual

    AC Current - (Never DC)
    All our HID kits only use AC current. Never DC current, since DC ballast have many inconvenients.
    · DC ballast are cheaper, removing key components inside the ballast they manage to reduce the production cost.
    · Current moves in only one direction, wearing out the bulb electrodes unevenly.
    · They are prone to flicker, color tend be affected by the bad quality ballast, giving blue/violet tones.
    · Life of the HID kit is greatly reduced due to uneven wear out..
    · Poor light output, in some cases they are as bright as halogen bulbs.

    1 Year Guarantee
    WD01 & WD04 --> 1 Year Guarantee.
    PREMIUM HID kits (WG04, WG08, WG50, A38P, OEM) --> 3 Year Guarantee.

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