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Well the big service is about to start at last

scr8pdo Sep 5, 2013

  1. scr8pdo

    scr8pdo Member

    Ive just replaced the rubber hose about4" long and 2" dia between the inlet manifold and the plastic intercooler pipe Audi wanted £29.32 plus vat!!!!! so I popped in my mates scrappy and got one gratis :)

    Things I plan to do are the following:

    Oil/filter change with correct oil now leak has stopped
    Gunk/clean and jetwash the engine bay
    Gonna attempt the Mr Muscle trick, btw how long do you leave that ****e in there before firing back up again?

    Don't worry Addams 24 I still gonna defo defo buy that 130 manifold off you asap or funds allow

    valet the whole car its like an effin tip!

    Polish it up

    Try and get a set of 4 tyres but its gonna have to wait till that money boat sails in as even part worns are £80 each (235/35.19")

    So Il keep you lot updated on it progress,

    just a few questions

    Should I use engine flush, some say yes some say no, the cars done 220k and I don wanna start opening gunged up holes and it leaking like s collinder

    Other thing I was contemplating was removing the whole EGR set up but is it nessecerry as its blanked anyway and its more work

    Plus can you buy off the shelf front mounted intercoolers for this car?

    The did thing I did notice was if I was to check the oil first thing in morn ie it settled all night, it would be top of dipstick mark, now say I drove to Asda bout a mile away, went shopping for half hour then checked the stick it would have well dropped as if its took or taking ages to get back down to the sump, which leads me back to engine flush????? are the drain holes blocked a cetain degree??

    Sorry for the long post, Ste :)

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