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Well that was weird!

martyboy Apr 19, 2014

  1. martyboy

    martyboy Member

    Just drove home from work at a nice leisurely pace, and parked up at my house, when I turned the ignition off I could hear what I imagine was the fan still going so I sat for a couple of minutes and it was still going so I got out to make sure it was my car and not roadworks or something over the wall, and yes it was coming from under my bonnet, and there was an awful smell of burning!
    I got back in the car and started it up, then off again the noise stopped and eventually the smell of burning cleared!
    Any ideas what might be going on here? A trip to dealers sounds on the cards!
  2. martyboy

    martyboy Member

    DPF regen??? :think:
  3. Flibble

    Flibble Active Member Team Estoril

    Assuming its a diesel it could well be DPF regen, it pretty much burns off the soot, so I imagine it might smell of burning.
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  4. jbs2472

    jbs2472 Active Member

    It is the dpf regen - had that on my previous A3 and friend has it on his current 8v.

    I don't have that worry no more as have the COD engine (so just smells fishy).
  5. snakehips

    snakehips Well-Known Member

    As the guys say, if diesel that's the DPF, if it isn't diesel then maybe a trip to the dealer.
    Normally the regen happens when you're driving so you don't notice it but sometimes you catch it out and stop the engine just as it's started and it has to continue until done. Always a bit disturbing the first time this happens!
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  6. Daz Auto

    Daz Auto Active Member

    I told my wife what to expect from the DPF regen. She was still surprised.

    To be fair to her - the first time it happened on my Golf - I phoned my mate who was the service manager in the VW garage. He explained to me what it was, and said that the sales person is supposed to tell people what to expect. Initially, when I stopped the car, I thought there was a lorry somewhere beside me.
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  7. Woody86

    Woody86 Active Member

    This happens on my dads A6 too. Should of seen his face the first time it happened. A quick look on the net explained what it was so when it happens now he takes a good drive above 2k rpm and he says you can see the mpg going up as it clears the dpf out
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  8. Audi Toby

    Audi Toby 2016 S3 Saloon

    If it is revving higher than usual, eg 2k when you arrive at home, don't turn the car off. Go back out and just have a gentle drive. The car will be almost 900 oC under the engine bay which is why it needs cold air (fans breathing). Could cause some problems in the long run.
  9. markjames

    markjames Member

    Get used to it - its the regen, and it happens quite a lot. I don't like it one bit, particularly when it starts up as I pull into a busy carpark. I would say mine happens 1-2 times a week.

    Your post is almost identical to the one I did about 6 months ago
  10. Phil-1

    Phil-1 Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread.
    Is it best to leave the fan running when you stop or do as I have just done start the car and then switch it off?
  11. S32B

    S32B Well-Known Member Audi S3 quattro Team Brilliant Black Manual

    Just to warn you, I don't know about Audi, but on the Vauxhall it just finishes the next time you drive the car. Warning part: If the DPF gets blocked or it's on the way to getting blocked, it will come up with a message saying "Keep driving", going by the book you then have to try and keep it over 2000 rpm whilst it's doing it's thing. When this warning comes up it logs it in the cars memory date, miles etc. so if you ignore it and just keep doing small runs and it breaks they know it's your fault and will hit you with the bill.

    All you are doing while you keep driving is keeping it hot enough to burn all the cr@p off the filter. Short stop-start runs when you have a DPF are no good.
  12. Phil-1

    Phil-1 Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    Thanks. I took it for a good run kept it over 2000 rpm all the way
  13. Bristle Hound

    Bristle Hound Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi S4

    Keep telling you all ...

    Diesel = The devils creation :superman::hi:
  14. Dtwm1

    Dtwm1 Active Member

    I saw a sticker today on a golf today "diesel fumes make me horny"

    As I have a 2.0 tdi I can't disagree haha
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  15. Martinbanshee

    Martinbanshee Well-Known Member TeamMisano Audi S3 quattro saloon

    First time you smell a DPF regen always makes you panic, they tend to smell less as the miles pile on though.

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