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Well I got it, pretty well on time

Brett Butler Mar 25, 2010

  1. Brett Butler

    Brett Butler Member

    My first Audi, First German Car. Quick Photo taken in poor light, will add a lot more to my web site later in better weather. Rather annoying my first day and it chucks it down with rain like no tomorrow.
    I have had many cars over the years, doing high mileage years ago, I used to get through them, from a Morris Minor, to my youth at 17 owning a Triumph PI with O/D in all 4 gears, 4, R5 turbos, (one of my favorites, was not a day go by my R5 Turbo not bring a smile to my face, 100k in the last one in 2 years, no probs bar a few clutch cables) Nissan Sunny GTI e, (boring 16v fast if you trashed it) V6 Mondeo, (needed a hatchback) and at present an RX8 231PSI.

    I never even test drove an S3, or any to be honest, I read, and look, and I know if it will suit me and I will like it.
    S3 Black Edition, S-tronic, few options, nothing special.

    It is certainly very different to the RX 8 though, RX8 being RWD fun, quick but constant quick from 2k to 9k, so a little boring, had to use the box for sure, dropping from 6th to 3rd really to get the best out of it, lets face it though S3 and RX8 there is no comparison, although I knew there was to be a difference it is quite a lot bigger than I expected.

    S3 Good Points:- only 150 mile experience so far :)

    It is scary fast after 2k revs in any gear. (and not even been over 4k rpm) I love turbos, forgot how much.

    S-Tronic, it great if you are using it for what it is, as an auto box for lazy driving, the engine just does not have the torque bottom end, it feels like it is laboring, though I guess once the engine lossens up a little it will be that bit that improves the most, but I suspect it will always be this way, Although a coulpe blips on the paddles everything changes. it really is like a Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

    Build Quality, no need to tell everyone that.

    It is very understated I personally love that, If I had my way I would even give the mirrors color coding, and very good looking.
    Drive, it feels safe it goes where you point it instantly, and road handling again feels rock solid, ok again I am running it in so early days, but you just know :)
    For Touring, very comfortable, the engine is quiet as is noise, very relaxing drivers car when you are in the mood.
    Ride is how I expected it, some say a little hard, I am not fussed or worried it suits me.
    4WD was one of my buying points, getting older now, losing my reactions, just makes you feel safer, and more sure footed. (lets not forget this years snow, RWD cars on racing tyres just do not cut it, I know we will not see any more for 10 years)

    Not so good points, (I may be wrong with some, or doing something wrong)

    I have the rain light sensor pack, so you leave the lights on Auto, but you cannot put the fog lights on while in auto, you have to turn the knob pass side lights to headlights again to put the fogs on, so driving along, it gets foggy and visibility takes a dive in the dark, but lets turn the lights on to side for a sec :(, anyone please put me right if I am missing on something)
    I have manual seats, (Standard I Guess), the manual shows a knob for Lumber Support, for the Manual Seat for love nor money I cannot find it on my seat, I need to look further into this, as I would be surprised that a car of this quality, and for long distance touring has no lumber support on the seats.
    The Boot unlock, must be German thing, and something I will get used to, it seems to take ages to get it to unlock as you have to be in different modes etc, why no button in drivers side to just unlock it?
    Ipod thingy, though I not messed with it, not great when you need wedges to wedge it in place :p

    Sure I will find a few more things to whine about.

    But one thing is for sure, I will love this car, it brings back into driving everything the RX8 is not, and I will smile like I used to in my days of the R5's turbos, and that is because it really is a Wolf in Sheep's clothing, a Wolf you really do not want it to catch you.
  2. Japper

    Japper Ibis S3 Fan Club

    Congratulations, nice car and spec. Lumbar was an option only and had to be electric lumbar. Fog light switch annoyed me too. I only need it 2-3 times a year but sods law needed it on new car yesterday, took a few seconds to figure that it didn't / wouldn't just pull straight out. You can change the unlock settings under convenience in DIS.
  3. deano670

    deano670 Too Much Hype

    more pics!
  4. Brett Butler

    Brett Butler Member

    Well If weather gets better over the weekend, will take a load inside and out
  5. Y444GAR

    Y444GAR Member

    Nice car, cant wait for wednesday to pick mines up.
  6. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    yeah you can get the unlock settings changed so when you open the car, the boot unlocks too. Most people do this. You dont have to worry about opening it then!
  7. thebott

    thebott Member

    very nice ................
  8. Brett Butler

    Brett Butler Member

    I got mine on Wednesday. :)

    hmm need to sort that one then ,what ever settings are.

    Thought of another whine, reversing lights are rubbish, take it there is only one, in bad weather rain and all cannot see naff all out of one side, being blind and all, and the one thing I wanted that could not get on my car was rear parking sensors, though looking at adding some after thought ones.
  9. s3mike

    s3mike Member

    I also noticed the fog-light thing on Auto, however if you turn the knob straight from Auto to Dipped beam ( past the sidelight setting ) the dipped beam stays on constantly, you don't get a second of sidelights only.

    Bit of a pain but not needed very often - mind you 50% of people on the road seem to immediately turn front and rear fog lights on when there is any sign of light drizzle!
  10. maninthestreet

    maninthestreet Active Member

    I would expect the dipped beams to stay on if the light switch was set to the dipped deam setting.
    The handbooks states somewhere that the AUTO light switch position will not detect foggy conditions, and so shouldn't be used in such conditions. This is probably why it's impossible to engage the foglights in the AUTO position, so you are forced to switch to dipped beam position.
    As for the reversing lights, my MY2010 A3 Sportback has 2 of them.
  11. pillboy88

    pillboy88 Member

    Hope it clears up for you soon, its so much more fun driving a new car in sunny weather!!
  12. Brett Butler

    Brett Butler Member

    hmm you are right, 2 reversiing lights, no wonder they are so dim, it is slits in the light cluster :(

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