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Welcome to yet another variant of the 2.0l TFSI (180bhp)

mister.c. Jul 16, 2008

  1. mister.c.

    mister.c. Active Member TeamMisano Audi A3

    Spotted on tyresmoke.net and someone has ordered on on A5oc.com

    Post on tyresmoke says:
    'A second 2.0T has been announced (180ps) which Audi regard as a straight replacement for the 1.8T (final orders 31/7). I can see why they've done this given the improvement re. 211ps 2.0T. This new 2.0T is only FWD in man/auto and is 175 GBP more than the 1.8T.'

    I imagine it uses the same technology as the other new 2.0T (211bhp) and like the tyresmoke post you can understand why they've done it on the A5 where the higher CO2 and less power from the 1.8T would clearly have affected sales.

    Wonder where it will turn up next in the VAG empire - and we must be getting into double figures the different types of the 2.0T there are out there in VAG land!

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