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Weird iPhone Bluetooth effect

Blackboot Aug 5, 2013

  1. Blackboot

    Blackboot New Member

    Hello folks
    Thought I would run this one past you guys to get your opinions.

    I bought my A6 (59 plate) last November and am really pleased with it. I was impressed with the Bluetooth connectivity to my Blackberry Torch which worked immediately and perfectly. 4 months later my phone contract expired and I upgraded (?) to an iPhone5.

    Imagine my dismay when I paired the iPhone and the MMI failed to upload the Directory from the phone. I can see all recently dialled and received numbers as numbers but no names associated with numbers. So perhaps there was something wrong with the MMI? Imagine my amazement when I paired my daughter's iphone5 and it uploaded her directory.

    Damn, was there something wrong with the my phone? At this point I went to the local dealer as part of the warranty service and got them to look, and they agreed the MMI worked with another iPhone, so in their opinion the problem is with my phone So I asked could we try my phone in another Audi on the forecourt? The Audi service manager skeptically agreed and to his amazement my phone paired with another A6 (albeit a 60 plate).

    They now say I have to upgrade my MMI software (which could take up to 3 hours!), and they couldn't guarantee it would fix the problem.

    Anyone experienced this or got any thoughts? (except for comments like should have stayed with Blackberry etc LOL)

    Still pleased with the car though
  2. gupsterg

    gupsterg Active Member

    Firmware update to MMI will have bug fixes and IMO perhaps worth getting done ...

    I recall reading there was also an update applicable in how the MMI 3G with HDD SAT NAV voice over's work when coming to a junction, etc ...

    Are they charging you for the 3 hour update? 3 hours seems excessive time IMO even if not charging ...

    Try PM member S8craig he may have info that help you :) ...

    And Welcome to ASN! [​IMG]...

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