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Weekend Special - Eibach Prokit Springs - MK1 Coupe/roadster 1.8T Quattro

Awesome_Andy Oct 31, 2008

  1. Awesome_Andy

    Awesome_Andy New Member

    Hello there guys and girls!

    We currently have 17 sets of the Eibach Prokit springs in stock for the 1.8T quattro's. These normally retail from us at £163.99 all in (exc postage). We are offering, for this weekend only, these springs at £99 all in (exc postage)!!

    The offer is from now until Monday 5.30pm, and must be ordered either in our showroom or over the phone and you need to quote the special offer price.

    So hurry hurry!!
  2. Audi_TT 83

    Audi_TT 83 Audi_tt 83

    have you got any for the mk1 3.2 at the same price ??

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