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weekend of fun and games

Karlos the Avant Jun 1, 2009

  1. i decided to do a few jobs that have been bugging me on the new car since i got it 2mnth ago.

    first job was to remove and tint the rear lights as some t**ser had decided to fit chav looking chrome lexus lights and they just looked pants, took them out and cleaned off, painted with light tint till i got the black look.
    then put a few coats of clear on them and end result is chav lights gone and new black ones look cool as{pics to add asap}

    next job take wheels off and put a bit of paint on the calipers {red paint looks better than rust}
    took a few hrs in the sun to clean them all off{what a day in the sun}but end result was new nice shiny red calipers all round and look cool.

    took Maf and air box off, put few holes in bottom of box and cleaned MAF abit. did all this with battery neg off so will reset a bit better when i connected back up{and it did lol}

    next job was to fit the boost gauge pipes propper{did temp repair till had correct pipe to use just to test gauge working}, it was all going well till i noticed that the top of the DV {conector for boost pipe}had snapped off.:wtf:
    carried out some fine surgery for a couple of hours to get it super glued back on and result is that the pipe is on and not leaking or loosing any boost{ok till get new one and had to go work}

    will order new forge dv asap, next job to tackle is the brakes because ive had abs warning on car since i picked it up but brakes work fine{no abs} so wasnt that concerned, was looking at changing all the disks anyway and may do all the sensors why im at it{save future issues and may resolve curent one witrh abs}
    going to wait till i get a vag com to have a look what it picks up on brakes unless anyone in south yorkshire area that could pop and plug one in to see what issues i have.{being old school im not that bothered about the no abs issue as most of my older cars never had it anyway}

    after all what has been done the car seems a lot better to drive and it has a lot more pull in it after doing maf and ecu reset it seems to have resolved a few other issues i was having.

    so far soo very good and it can only get better im sure{i hope lol}

    would anyone recomend the Mintex disks and pads for these cars ?

    hope you all had a good week end and i would like to say its nice to be back at work but id be takin the **** lol
  2. docurley

    docurley Moderator Staff Member Moderator

  3. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Before you go changing sensors you need to scan the car with vagcom.

    If its an ECU fault then you'll waste a load of cash changing sensors that are fine.

    If its a sensor fault then it will tell you exactly which sensor is broken.
  4. cheers aragorn, im going to wait and see what the vagcom tells me just in case its the module thats gone and not the sensors, i will try have a look at the abs rings when i do the disks but the disks do need doing anyway

    chav lights when i got it

    lights now

    brakes before and after


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