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Waterpump faulty

yargnat Dec 9, 2010

  1. yargnat

    yargnat A3 3.2 DSG

    Yesterday, the engine coolant warning came on, and required 1.5 litres to fill back to max.

    So, driving to Audi this morning for a pre-arranged visit to look at a different issue (problems when sitting in traffic for some time), the engine coolant warning comes on again (around 2 miles)
    I carry on to Audi, keeping an eye on the temperature gauge, and by the time I get there (around 5 miles) there is steam pouring out of the engine bay.

    Audi have just said the waterpump has failed, and a new one is required, but the part is on back order.

    Has anyone else here had a waterpump fail? Is this common? Mine is a 10 plate S4.
  2. Trev241

    Trev241 Member

    They are failing all over the world no wonder they are on back order. Just check out all the other Audi forums.
  3. Necroscope

    Necroscope Member

    Sounds like you got the last of the plastic pumps my friend. My car is a March 10 plate, so i am waiting for my pump to pop soon too :(
  4. Shadowman

    Shadowman Active Member

    Yep.....known problem but Audi in there wisdom aren't doing a recall, just replacing them when they fail.

    All 3.0 V6 engines are affected, even the Diesels and apparently they are all failing around the 10,000mile mark.

    Had mine done in August.

    Mine has had a lumpy tickover from new as well.....not sure if it is just a characteristic of the Supercharged engine, but it would be interesting to hear if anyone else is getting this ?
  5. yargnat

    yargnat A3 3.2 DSG

    My tickover is lumpy, but problem is more that after sitting in stop start traffic for around 1/2 hour, when pulling away, the car jumps about as if I had poor clutch control, or it was about to stall, but since mine is DSG............
  6. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    It's because in Audi world recalls are only used for "safety issues". This was questioned time and time again when they had all all the coil packs failing a fews years ago as losing a cyclinder's worth of power when making an overtake could well be considered a safety issue.

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