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water pumps on the 1.8T

cawood Mar 27, 2007

  1. cawood

    cawood Member

    whilst looking through some threads about the dodgey oil pump/strainer

    i noticed few people av said that th 1.8t has a dodgey water pump as well n they can give up around 80k

    that correct? should i be changing this as well? as mine is on 82k now
  2. steve1975l

    steve1975l Member

    When doing the cambelt.
  3. simch

    simch Active Member

    I think if you have a look through the threads about waterpumps you will see its not a thing that you can change too easily!! The pump has a plastic impeller and after time and wear and tear, the impeller can break down. Reducing gthe efficiency of the pum and cooling and in extrem cases, jamming the cambelt and bending all your valves!
    Tell tail signs are little balck specks on top of the header tank, (plastic fragemtns floating about) overheating and sometimes a general noise form that area.
    if your car has not had a cambelt, I'd get one asap, change all the rollers and tensioners and have a new waterpump too. Get the uprated version with metal impeller. Peace of mind aint cheap, but worth it IMO.
  4. cawood

    cawood Member

    lol and i thought i was buying realiability getting an audi

    by sounds of things my cossie n RST are easier to maintain n cheaper :lmfao:

    thanks for the help matey, what do you reckon that lot would cost roughly

    think i could do with changing the cambelt, its on 80k now

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