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water pump upgrade audi a4 t fsi

happyme Oct 20, 2010

  1. happyme

    happyme Member

    hi all....

    right here goes.... iv done the usally bits listed below with what iv done to the car audi a4 t fsi 2.0lt.... im getting a new cambelt kit fitted as iv done 97,000 now next month.... im getting a custom remap and a panel filter at AMG in january (or is is AMD lol..) one of them lot from essex..... iv been told coz iv done the exhaust system from the manafold boxes ect, vacum valves ect the little bits i wont need to upgrade the fuel pump or turbo BUT.............
    while the garage is doing the cambelt is it worth upgrading the water pump as its gonna need a new one when they do the cambelt...?....plus its gonna do the extra bhp in january...at the mo it stands at 220 bhp with the little bits iv done so far getting it up to 290bhp..if they can

    and if its worth upgradeing does anyone know of any good sites to buy them obviously i dont wanna spend stupid money just an upgrade from the usall audi pump....?

    thanks guys x:sos:
  2. goon

    goon Member

    when you buy a new pump try and get an alloy vane instead of plastic.

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