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WATER PUMP faulty - overheating 1.9tdi PD

mystic.bertie Apr 28, 2009

  1. mystic.bertie

    mystic.bertie Member

    i have an a6 1.9tdi with the ajm pd engine

    the engine has been overheating recently and for a long time its been blowing cold air sometimes instead of warm.

    i changed the thermostat and flushed the system but that never fixed it, not i discover there is no water flowing theu the heater pipes when idling so im thinking its the water pump.

    the car has 143k on it and timing belt was done at 60k and 120k all audi service history but nothing saying if the pump has ever been replaced.

    so i doubt i will keep the car long term so i think i will just change the water pump, is there a tutorial on how to do this yourself on the ajm engine.
  2. Jetcat

    Jetcat New Member

    What year is your A6??

    I have just had my cambelt changed (2004 A6 1.9tdi) at an Audi dealer and the water pump was replaced as part of the cambelt change kit.

    Might be worth enquiring where you had the cambelt done if it was changed? You never know the work might be warranteed, cos cambelt changes usually give you a 12 month warranty.


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