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Water pump change... should I do it?

kularm Sep 21, 2009

  1. kularm

    kularm New Member

    Hi guys,

    Ive got a 225 s3 02 plate... Needs a water pump change... Ive downloaded a manual telling me how to do it but i just wanted to check whether I could do it myself without a timing belt tool? I dont want to pay £200+ to get it changed. Ive brought it already for £35, and according to the manual it is a hard job, nothing that looks too difficult for me though, however would the lack of a timing belt tool get in the way? PS Im not looking at replacing the timing belt or tensioner as of yet...:icon_thumright:
  2. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

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  3. alijames

    alijames Active Member

    TBH, as you have to more or less remove and replace the cambelt anyway, I would replace it anyway for the sake of a few extra pounds...

    If the waterpump is struggling, it might have caused some damage to the belt that you don't know about.

    It also then should not need doing again for another 60k/4years...

  4. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    If you need to ask, then it's probably not worth taking the risk. Also as mentioned by Alistair if you're changing the water pump it's advisable to replace the timing belt too. It only costs around £15 from a decent parts store.
  5. S3quatt

    S3quatt Flat Oot like a ducks Foot VCDS Map User

    I've just done the timing belt on my one last week at my mates garage.
    TBH if ur doing the water pump, you might as well do the whole thing as you have to strip the whole lot to get into it.

    Believe me it's a nightmare of a job even with the proper tools & ramp!
    you need to take the coolant water bottle & power steering bottles off, then support the engine underneath before taking the engine mount off.

    The other thing i will say, is dont worry about the timing belt tool. As long as you mark everything up before you remove the old belt it should be fine. Just remember to turn it over by hand a couple of times to make sure it all lines up again after the rotation.

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